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a safe place to stay for your quarantine period

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As long as quarantine requirements for UK arrivals remain in place, Bright World will continue to offer quarantine in specially selected host families around the UK. All of our quarantine host families have passed a risk assessment to ensure that they have the correct facilities and are willing to step in and take care of our students in case of illness.

All Bright World host families who are offering quarantine are fully versed in the Test to Release scheme and the Travel tests that are currently required for all arrivals. They will assist students to take their tests and post them off to make quarantine times as short as possible.

what should I expect from a Bright World quarantine host family?

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1. The student should be the only student being hosted for the quarantine period unless the house is of sufficient size to achieve full isolation from other students.
2. The student will have their own room and own bathroom, either ensuite or one for their exclusive use. The room will be well ventilated and have a window that opens.
3. The student should, if possible, be given their meals delivered to their room or given a space away from other members of the family to eat.
4. The student should not leave the house for the duration of the quarantine. They are not free to roam around the house and should remain in their room at all times unless they are going to the garden or an outside space.
5. The student should be given access to the garden.
6. Whilst walking through the house to get to the garden, the student should remain socially distanced (at least 2m apart) from all members of the household. They should preferably wear a mask whilst not outside and not in their room.

7. The student should not socialise with other members of the family indoors but may speak to them while outside and maintaining social distancing.
8. A reasonable amount of laundry should be done or a washing machine made available for the student.
9. The student should be given cleaning and disinfectant to use in their bathroom and should be encouraged to clean it regularly after use.
10. The student will be provided with antibacterial soap and will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly.
11. The host family will assist the student with taking and posting off tests and will liaise with Bright World on progress.

latest quarantine and testing rules

Bright World's Arriving in the UK advice page includes all the latest testing, quarantine and travel advice for UK arrivals.

host family quarantine fees and what is included


£60 per night

  • Single ensuite bedroom or own bathroom

  • Full board - three meals

  • use of garden

  • Wi-Fi available throughout the house

  • Assistance with Covid-19 early release test and test to travel testing


  • Return transfers to and from the host family at cost

how do I apply for a quarantine host family with Bright World?

host family welcome

Quarantine host families are only available to students who are registered on the Bright World Guardianship Programme. If you would like to enrol then please get in touch using the enquiry form here. If you are already a member of Bright World Guardianships then simply get in touch with your Guardianship Care Manager and they will assist you with all arrangements.

view our quarantine and testing guide for our arriving students

Arrival in the UK Guide

  • The rules for quarantine and testing in the UK.