Relax & Revise @ Christmas at Padworth College

a wonderful festive programme operated by Kings Education

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Kings Education 

Bright World has teamed up with Kings Education to offer this Relax & Revise @ Christmas option. Kings has been established for 60 years. Their Young Learners team, who are operating our Easter programme, has been running successful courses for young students for many decades. Their professional team is focused on delivering the very best experience for your child.

a festive welcome in a Covid-Safe environment 

For Christmas 2020, we are working to help, not only our own students but with other AEGIS-accredited guardianship organisations and UK boarding schools to provide a Covid-19 safe and secure environment to spend a warm and welcoming Christmas for the many students who are not able to travel home for the holidays this year.

spend a traditional English Christmas at Padworth College, Reading

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enjoy Christmas in a wonderful country house setting   

Padworth College is situated in a picturesque and safe countryside setting in peaceful and tranquil natural surroundings. The college is housed in a former historic country estate and enjoys a majestic view of the beautiful landscape of West Berkshire. During the academic year, Padworth is a vibrant boarding school and for Christmas 2020 we will be hosting our Relax & Revise @ Christmas programme which promises to offer a family-feel environment.

Kings are operating the programme and Padworth College is renting out facilities to Kings.

single or twin rooms for all students 

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Students will live in the high quality, recently refurbished, boarding accommodation that comprises single and twin rooms with wash hand basins. Bathrooms are shared by six students and bedrooms will be allocated according to the age of the student. Boarding houses will be split into ‘household bubbles’ and will be supervised by members of Kings Education staff throughout. 

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a festive welcome in a Covid-19 safe environment

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our commitment to keeping students safe and happy

This will be Christmas with a difference. Whilst we want students to have an enjoyable break, we are commited to keeping the centres healthy by reducing the risk of infection. With this in mind, the programme content has been adapted to ensure safety, whilst offering a stimulating and enjoyable Christmas holiday. There will be some carefully organised and socially distanced excursions and all other outings will be on foot and supervised by a member of staff to ensure guidance is being followed at all times.

all students and staff Covid-19 tested prior to arrival 

A pre-arrival Covid-19 test is included in the price of the programme. Tests will be sent to your school by Kings and Bright World, a few days before arrival. This means all students will be able to relax more once they have arrived. Students must have a clear test no longer than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the course. 

All Kings staff will form a household prior to the course and will be tested prior to the arrival of students. 

single or twin rooms and household bubbles

All students will be in single or twin rooms with their own bathrooms where possible. Students will be assigned to a ‘household bubble,’ which will form a social group for the duration of the holiday. Each household bubble will be supervised by the same members of staff throughout the stay. Household bubbles will avoid mixing with the other households in the centre. Household bubbles are made up of students according to age group and gender. 

hygiene, cleaning and masks 

Communal areas will be cleaned daily and rooms deep cleaned weekly. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly and there will be hand sanitiser stations situated throughout the centre. We will be ensuring good respiratory hygiene by promoting the NHS; ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach. Students will be required to wear masks whilst in corridors and on outings. 

social distancing 

All students will be encouraged to maintain a social distance of 2 metres. Where this is not possible, a distance of 1 metres should be maintained. Meals will be staggered by household and activities will be designed to be fun and stimulating but will avoid close social contact. 

isolation and care if students develop symptoms

Whilst we are taking every precaution, if someone presents with Covid-19 symptoms, they will be isolated in our specially allocated isolation unit and a test will be arranged. All members of the household bubble will need to isolate until the test results are received. If the test is positive, all household members will isolate for 10 days. The person with Covid-19 will be cared for by a member of Kings staff and we will follow NHS and PHE advice. 

Should the need for isolation occur towards the end of the Christmas programme, this may mean that students cannot return to their boarding school until they have undertaken a period of isolation. Kings and Bright World will continue to provide isolation facilities for students, until the 10 day period is over, regardless of when isolation starts. This will be at our Bournemouth residence if it spans further than 4th January and will be subject to an extra nightly charge. 

Christmas-themed activities and outings

Activities are limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK and the need for students to socially distance as much as possible within their household bubbles and always when in the proximity of other household bubbles.  

Students will remain predominantly onsite throughout the programme with plenty of time for relaxing in their rooms or in the chill-out areas provided. There will be indoor activities arranged every day for those that want to take part and also outside activities in the large grounds of the college. 

Due to restrictions, and to ensure students’ safety, any coach or group excursions organised during the stay will be carefully risk-assessed according to government and Kings Education Covid safe plan.  Students will also be encouraged to get out and about with the Activity Leaders every day for walks in the local area.

All excursions will be by private bus or taxi and will operate at a maximum 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. Vehicles will be subject to deep cleaning prior to our use. Careful Covid-19 Safe standards will be followed at all times with all passengers and drivers required to wear masks.

a sample Christmas week

activities and outings

Padworth activities

fees and what is included


£960 per week

  • Single or twin bedroom

  • Full board - three meals

  • 24/7 supervision

  • Activities and excursions

  • Wi-Fi available throughout the college

  • Covid-19 Test prior to arrival

extra costs and terms

not included in the programme fee

  • return transfers to and from the centre

  • entrance fees

  • extra nights charged at £85 per night

  • extra nights for isolation outside programme dates £95 per night

  • full fees payable by 20th November

  • fees payable immediately after this dat

  • 20% cancellation fee if place withdrawn after 20th November 2020.

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Bright World is a proud member of the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard. The scheme ensures that businesses adhere to local public health guidance and has carried out a full Covid-19 risk assessment, to ensure that all required policies and processes are in place.

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