Bede's Windlesham summer school

study English, play sports and see the UK

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English language


Learn English at a traditional British Boarding School.

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Sports and activitites

Play sports and take part in activities with new friends from all over the world.

Student Sightseeing in London


See the UK

Go sightseeing and visit famous cities across the UK.

Windlesham - Adventures in English 8-14 years

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Windlesham House School

Founded in 1837, Windlesham House was the first school in the country to be established as a Preparatory School. This spacious campus, which is located in the beautiful Sussex countryside close to the seaside town of Worthing, creates a real sense of freedom and is ideal for younger students who are looking for a summer adventure.


There are 18 hours of lessons per week (approx 4 hours per day). A number of native English speakers will join the programme and live alongside the international students to help develop their English and enhance their understanding of British culture.


There is a full programme including lessons and a wide range of sports, activities, clubs and Sports Academy options to choose from. There is evening social entertainment and there are three excursions per week.


There are typically 4-8 beds per room and bedrooms are extremely spacious. Bathrooms are located on each floor and are shared. Each house has a common room with comfortable chairs or sofas for students to relax during their free time.

Windlesham - Young Influencers 11-14 years

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An Influencer is a person who is able to inspire others and create a positive change in the world around them through their words, actions, innovations or style. Our Young Influencers course will harness the positive impacts of 21st Century learning through lessons, workshops and experiences, perfect for students looking for an innovative, unique summer programme at this wonderful site.

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Fees and included features

Adventures in English: Fully-inclusive fee £1,395pw Young Influencers: Fully-inclusive fee £1,445pw

  • 18 hours academic preparation

  • 7 levels are available, from A0 (Complete Beginner) to C2 (Proficiency). Entry test on Monday with a speaking, grammar and writing component.

  • Young Influencers - Students will develop their Life Skills such as Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Teamwork

  • Full board accommodation

  • There is a full programme of lessons, sports, activities, social events and excursions, all of which are mandatory and included in the fee.

  • LEGO & Coding, Basketball Skills, Horse Riding and Tennis. Supplements are payable. Academies are subject to availability and a minimum number of enrolments.

Dates and age range

7th July - 10th August | 8-14 years olds

  • minimum 2 week stay, 3 or 4 weeks recommended