Coronavirus - Bright World's Easter 2020 Support Plan

Easter 2020 - updated advice and more countries involved

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Our thoughts go out to our students and their parents who have been affected by the Coronavirus and associated travel restrictions. It must be a very difficult and stressful time for all. We aim, as guardians, to provide a safe and enjoyable solution to our students who are having to stay back in the UK rather than going home to see their parents.

With all arrangements in place for all affected Bright World students for the February half term, we now focus our attention on the longer Easter holiday in March and April.

Schools are giving the same travel advice for Easter as for half term and more and more seem to be extending the travel ban to more countries. The latest list of countries is; China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau.

As we are not able to offer quarantine facilities in the UK for any students going home and then wishing to return to school, our advice to parents is to make plans now for Easter for their children to stay in the UK, we need to start working now to find places for all our students at Easter.

This is a big task for us as guardians but we are pulling together as a team at Bright World and will make sure all our students have somewhere to stay.

host family option

host family opening the door

Our students usually travel home for Easter and our host families spend time with their own families or go away on holiday themselves. This year, however, we have made an appeal to our host family network to help out and the response has been fantastic. Many of our host families are offering to host our students for either part of the Easter holiday or for the whole time. Where our students have a regular host family who they know very well, we think this option is probably the best and we are doing our best to facilitate their wishes.

Relax & Revise Residential at Cambridge Melchior College

Cambridge Relax and Revise

Three weeks in a host family can be very hard-going for both the student and the host. With no planned activities on offer students can quickly become demotivated and bored. Easter is a very important time for many in terms of revising and studying but keeping healthy and getting out and about is just as important. At Bright World, we find many students are more settled and comfortable for longer periods if they are in a residential college campus setting.

To cater for the larger numbers of students staying in the UK for Easter, we have secured more spaces at Cambridge Melchior College where we run our usual Easter Relax & Revise Programme. We may also have some spaces for non-Bright World Guardianships students who enrol early. Many of our students like to bring their friends along with them. We encourage parents to get in touch with us immediately if they would like a place on this programme.

Relax & Revise Residential at Caterham School with Kings Education

Caterham School Relax & Revise

We are delighted to have just finalised arrangements in cooperation with Kings Education to run a special Relax & Revise Residential programme at Caterham School from 28th March - 19th April. If dates do not quite fit in with students' term ends we will arrange a short term Bright World host family to accommodate them. This programme is offered to any international student needing somewhere to stay at Easter.

Caterham School is one of the UK's top independent schools and the facilities are excellent. This combined with the expertise of Kings Education in operating fantastic holiday courses for international students means we are confident that this programme will be a great success.

Relax & Revise Homestay at Kings Bournemouth

Combine a host family stay with a Relax & Revise programme for Easter 2020 at Kings Bournemouth. Bright World has teamed up with our friends at Quest Guardians and Kings Education to make this a great option for students who are unable to fly home for Easter due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Benefiting not only from the experience that comes with living in a local host family, students will also be able to revise at the college’s state of the art campus. The Relax & Revise Homestay programme also boasts a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities and excursions.

Mary Doody, Kings Education

more information

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Relax & Revise Bournemouth

Relax & Revise Bournemouth Programme

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  • Please also get in touch with us if you are are a parent who needs assistance with accommodation during the half term or Easter and you are not yet registered with Bright World

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