Bright World’s plan for a Covid-19 safe academic year

our pledge to keep our students safe throughout the academic year

James and Lana Foster

Following a safe September return for our students we are now already turning our efforts towards the holiday times.

Our host families, drivers and residential staff are putting in place additional precautions to keep students safe during these times when they are away from school. You can read more about these measures on this page. Our new Relax & Revise @ Christmas programmes also offer overseas students the ideal solution if they are staying in the UK during this longer holiday.

We continue to receive flight arrival details from our students who will be arriving later than planned, as flight restrictions are lessening in some countries. We continue to be busy arranging safe taxis for our students and taking care of them during their stay at our Quarantine and Settling-In Programme.

We are pleased that having been working closely with our partner schools since March, we seem very united in our positive attitude to ensuring the transition of students back to education in the UK is smooth whilst keeping international students as safe as possible.

For later arrivals, we have prepared a page for our parents and students to prepare them for a safe journey over. It is linked below and we hope you find it useful.

our 6 point plan for a Covid-19 Safe Academic year

Our focus as guardians is to ensure our students stay safe whilst they are away from their boarding house. Schools have been working hard and continue to adapt to the ever-changing situation and we want everyone to feel reassured that we are doing the same. In cooperation with our partner schools, agents and parents we have formulated our 6 point enhanced service plan.

Covid-Safe transport

Taxi driver wearing a mask

Safe transportation is very much part of our six-point plan. Coronavirus has broadened the definition of the term 'safe travel' and so it is important to know that we are your guardian are following all the necessary government guidance. Our drivers continue to uphold our Covid-19 Driver and Passenger Safety Policy a policy and so we can reassure parents that Covid-safety, as well as road-safety, will be our drivers' top priority.  Please contact us if you would like to view a copy of our Driver Policy and Charter.

Covid-Safe host family accommodation

The Christmas 2020 holiday will be very popular as many students who would normally be going home will decide to stay in the UK. Not all schools are staying open for students and so Bright World host families are available to host our guardianship students.

Our host families will have signed up for our Covid-19 Safe Plan for Host Families should students fall ill with Covid-19 symptoms while they are staying with them. Our host family network is also ready to help in the case of further school closures.

single rooms in host families to allow for social distancing 

Host family accommodation will be in single rooms for all holidays, with students only sharing if they arrive from the same household or if the room is of a sufficient size for social distancing to be possible. In most cases, students will have their own room. Students taking part in one of our Relax & Revise @ Christmas programmes will be benefitting from single and double rooms and similar social distancing measures will be in place.

enhanced sanitation and deep cleaning

Sanitation also features heavily in our advice to our host family network. Hosts are implementing enhanced daily cleaning procedures in all rooms.

Host families and Relax & Revise residential staff will also be encouraging students to wash their hands regularly and remain in the house as much as possible during their short stay.

students who present with Covid-19 symptoms while in the UK

unhappy student

Whilst at school

We are liaising with schools to ensure that they will be isolating children who present with symptoms whilst in the boarding house. This complies with UK Government advice. It is not possible or right to place a symptomatic student into a host family.       

Whilst on a Bright World residential programme 

Our residential quarantine and Relax & Revise holiday programmes have their own Coronavirus Contingency Policy and plan which includes the provision of isolation facilities. They will also offer medical assistance, should students present with symptoms during their stay.

Whilst in a Bright World host family  

If a child presents with symptoms while in a host family, then the host family will take full care of the student and will arrange for appropriate medical assistance. In accordance with the household isolation guidance, our students would be required to isolate for 14 days, if a member of the host family showed symptoms.

ensuring students are following lockdown rules while away from school

Schools have invested much time and so much work putting extra measures in place to ensure that the risk of infection is minimal in school.

When students leave school and are under our care, we have a duty and a responsibility to ensure that the same due diligence is continued out of school. When students stay with a Bright World host family, schools can rest assured that government guidance is being followed by the host family and social distancing, wearing of masks in shops and on public transport will be expected of students.

quarantine - we are still here to help


We understand from talking to schools that most arranged their own quarantine facilities at the start of the academic year, allowing pupils to arrive 14 days early in August.

Bright World has quarantine solutions available throughout September, October and in January for delayed arrivals. Our Quarantine and Settling in programme is also available in January to accommodate students arriving for the Spring term. Students benefit from comfortable and high quality residential accommodation at Cambridge Melchior College.


students in masks

We will encourage the wearing of masks for all students on our quarantine and residential programmes and we are giving guidance to schools on the importance of students being allowed to wear masks at school. We are pleased to report that most schools seem to be promoting the wearing of masks but if you are worried about your school not allowing this, then let us know and we will speak to them for you. 


Covid-19 test

We think that if students can be readily tested, things will become so much easier. It is quite usual for students to get a temperature when they have been on the long journey from home to the UK; Usually it passes within a day or two as it is just a minor illness. In the current pandemic, we cannot be sure if students just have a common cold or Covid-19 until we test them. NHS tests can take a some time to return results and so Bright World is able to facilitate tests for our host families, students and staff.

enrol, cancel, defer fees and payments policy September 2020   

caring hand around world

We want to make it as straightforward and stress-free as possible in terms of fees and cancellations for our customers for the September entry.  

We are also offering our returning customers a discount on the first term's fees. This is to show our appreciation of your support during these troubled times. 

We welcome contact from our current customers and any new customers joining Bright World this Autumn term. We do hope to hear from you, if not straight away, over the coming weeks so we can start working together to get your child back.

Our simple message remains that as your guardian, we are here to help you. 

Bright World is part of Safe Schools UK

safe schools UK

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Bright World has been a vital extra level of support to overseas parents, students and schools. We were able to help keep all students safely in the UK for the February term and then suddenly safely into host families and onto planes home when schools closed in March 2020.

Now the focus lies strongly on getting ensuring students Stay Safe throughout the academic year. Bright World again is liaising daily with our partner schools discussing how we can help students this Christmas as some students plan to remain in the UK. We are delighted to be part of forward-thinking cooperation of schools and guardians called Safe Schools UK.

The objectives of the initiative are:

  •  Facilitate our core purpose of education to be continued with minimal disruption
  •  Standardise a minimum level of precautionary measures across U.K. boarding schools
  •  Ensure the safest possible environments for our day and boarding students
  •  Bring the sector together with a strategic and considered approach

Bright World upholds the AEGIS Covid-19 Safe Charter

AEGIS Covid-19 Safe Charter

Our Managing Director, Lana Foster, is a Trustee of AEGIS, The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. Bright World is pleased to endorse and follow the standards set by AEGIS during the Coronavirus Crisis. We are proud to have achieved GOLD standard accreditation of this important inspectorate.

Good to Go England Logo

Bright World is a proud member of the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard. The scheme ensures that businesses adhere to local public health guidance and has carried out a full Covid-19 risk assessment, to ensure that all required policies and processes are in place.

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