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UPDATED 11/2/20

Due to the increasing risk of travel restrictions for Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and now East Asian students, Bright World has taken the decision to advise parents that all students under our boarding school guardianship remain in the UK for their half term and Easter holidays.

We have advised our guardianship students and are making arrangements for those students who, prior to the situation occurring, were planning on going home. 

This will ensure that there is no interruption to their studies, keep them safe from risks of contracting the virus, and will eliminate any risks to other students at schools.

As I am sure you will understand, Bright World cannot offer quarantine accommodation in host families. This is putting our host families and the local communities at risk and our host families simply will not be prepared to take the risk of infecting themselves. 

options available for half term and Easter 2020

We understand that some schools may be keeping their boarding houses open to help with the situation and will encourage students to remain in school where possible.

Otherwise, Bright World has a range of residential options available across the UK for students who require assistance. We will be working closely with students, parents and agents over the next week to firm up these plans for them.

Should any parents who are not under our guardianship or any schools need our help, we will be happy to assist.
All students on our residential programmes will be arriving from UK Boarding Schools. Bright World students will be the only students on site and we will not be accepting any students who are flying in from China directly.  

We will update this page as matters progress.  

Lana Foster, Managing Director

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  • Please also get in touch with us if you are are a parent who needs assistance with accommodation during the half term or Easter and you are not yet registered with Bright World