Bright World student charter and handbook

Bright World student charter & code of behaviour

The rules below are set by us and agreed by your parents.  They are designed to keep you safe while you are in the UK and are not in school, ie when you are travelling to and from airports or on an exeat weekend or half term holiday. Please understand that you must adhere by these rules or you may be excluded from the programme.

All Bright World Guardianships students should agree to:  

1. To be polite and respectful of all Bright World staff including our drivers, host families and your Buddy.  

2. To inform Bright World of any changes to your plans as soon as you are aware of them

3. To inform Bright World of your flight details if you know them for end of terms, half terms and arrivals back in the UK

4. To provide us with your mobile number and email address if you have them. 

5. To check your mobile messages and your email messages regularly and to reply to us to the best of your ability

6. To take details of your driver with you on any journey.  

7. Never to leave an airport with any other driver or by any other means if you know we have made arrangements for you without first calling and speaking to a member of Bright World staff. 

8. Not to travel around the UK without the prior knowledge of Bright World and with the permission of your parents having been given to Bright World.  

9. To give Bright World ample notice of you wanting to stay with a school friend or family friend instead of with a Bright World host family and to make sure your parents give us written permission along with full details of the responsible adult who will be supervising you. 

10. To promise never to stay in University Halls under any circumstances or in a hotel unless supervised by an adult of age 25 plus and after sending written permission from your parents to do so.  

11. To abide by the Host Family Code of Behaviour as set out below

Code of behaviour and rules when you are at a Bright World host family 

 • If you are 13 or below you are not allowed out in the daytime or evening ever on your own and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 

• If you are 14 or 15, you are allowed out in the day time to the host family’s local town or village, i.e. to a local shopping centre with a friend where possible.  You must have a mobile telephone with you fully charged up and switched on at all times.  You are under no circumstances allowed to go to London or any other place other than your local town on your own or with a friend.  You must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  

 • If you are 16 plus, you are allowed out in the day time locally.  You must have a mobile phone with you and be back before dark at an appointed time.  You must keep your telephone charged up and switched on.  If you do not answer your telephone for a period of more than 3 hours this is breaking the rules of our programme.   If you are 16 years old, you are allowed to go further afield ie to London ideally with a friend, but you must be back before dark and must remain in telephone contact with your host family.  

• If you are 17 plus, you are allowed to go to London or other places all day and into the evening  but must be back by 11pm at night.  You  must travel with a friend if you are out after dark and not on your own. 


If you do not return to your host family and you stay out overnight without permission and we do not know where you are you will be classed as a missing person and the UK police will be notified along with your school.  You will automatically be excluded from our programme if we find you have deliberately absconded.  

Inviting friends to stay with our host families 

 In principal, if families have room then we do not mind this happening but in order that everything is formalised, your friend needs to join our  temporary Guardianship scheme.  This means that we need their parent or guardian to enrol them temporarily onto our guardianship programme for the duration of the stay.  We need a form completed with medical questions and payment of a fee plus the homestay fees.  


Host family cancellation


· Cancellation of a host family more than 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the event, does not incur any cancellation fees.


· Cancellation of a host family more than 7 days and up to 3 weeks incurs a 50% charge. 


· Cancellation of a host family less than 7 days prior to the event incurs a 100% charge.