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Head Office Care Manager

A trustworthy service from an experienced team of professionals.


Safe and reliable transportation

A friendly face waiting at the airport to meet your child.


Half term and exeat accommodation

Choose a host family for your school holiday.


Bright World Buddy system

Our Local Coordinator who lives close to the school.


24/7 emergency assistance

We will be there to help in an emergency on your behalf.

where we offer guardianship

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Bright World offers a high quality guardianship programme at over 400 UK boarding schools, colleges and universities across the UK in most schools and regions (except Ireland,). In each area we have a Local Coordinator and an excellent network of established host families and drivers to take care of our students.

why do I need a guardian?

Lana Foster with a student

The majority of UK boarding schools require all overseas pupils to have a UK guardian. A guardian should be a responsible adult living in the UK who can be there in an emergency situation on behalf of parents.

For those parents who do not have a family friend to act as guardian, then they have the opportunity of choosing an AEGIS accredited UK Guardianship Organisation such as Bright World to act in Loco Parentis for their child.

This not only satisfies the Boarding School requirements but also the UKVI guidelines and keeps international students safe while they are not in school and are unaccompanied. Bright World is accredited to Gold standard - the highest possible standard in the UK.

why choose Bright World Guardianships?

The Bright World Guardianships Team

A trustworthy service from an experienced team of professionals 

A Bright World UK guardian will ensure that all the needs of your child are met and offers parents peace of mind and security in the knowledge that there is always someone there to give a helping hand. Our UK guardianship programme offers a total care package from day one of a student’s stay in the UK and throughout their study period.  

Bright World was established in 2000 and has been dedicated to offering UK guardianship to international students ever since. Our staff are all expertly trained in Child Protection and Customer Service to create the optimum service for parents and to provide the support and mentoring that young children studying in the UK require.  

Covid-Safe host families and drivers

Bright World is proud to hold gold standard accreditation with AEGIS and now upholds the AEGIS Covid-19 Safe Charter.

Our host families and drivers are putting in place additional precautions to keep students safe during these times when they are away from school. Read more about our 6 point Covid-19 Support Plan here.

safe and well-considered host family accommodation

Host Family

From time to time, students may need to leave school unexpectedly, their flight may be cancelled leaving a gap once the school has closed or they need to leave school during exeat weekends and half term holidays. Bright World can offer safe and secure host family accommodation during these planned and unexpected events.   

committed to safeguarding your child

Bright World Buddy with a Student

Bright World has been accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students, since 2006. Bright World is a gold standard member, offering guardianship at the highest standard possible in the UK.

Blink for parents - your Bright World in the cloud

Blink for parents

When you enrol on the Bright World Guardianship programme, you will automatically receive your login details to Blink. The bespoke cloud-based parent portal has been designed to match the needs of overseas parents so they can keep a close eye on their child's progress anytime they choose.

a dedicated profile and launchpad

Our clients (parents and their agents) benefit from the use of BLINK, our cloud-based parent portal where they can see a live timeline of our reports, visits and parents evenings feedback forms.

view your host family and driver details

Submit flight details, view your host family profile, Taxi Confirmations and driver profiles anytime. View, download and pay invoices and track your live guardianship expenses fund.

your guardianship toolkit

This innovation allows parents to; view school term dates, opening and closing times for over 400 UK boarding schools, generate visa support letters and create instant quotations.

host family selection

The final feature allows users to filter through and browse our host family network across the UK.

Christmas 2021

girl shopping in london

Travel restrictions will inevitably mean that some students will stay in the UK during the Christmas break again this year. We have therefore taken the decision to once again offer all guardianship students the option of staying with a Bright World host family for the Christmas break.

We are also delighted to be able to offer a Christmas programme, within state of the art central London accommodation to students aged 16+.

a professional and caring organisation...

fees and what is included


£620 per term inc VAT

  • Your Guardianship Care Manager available to you at Head Office. 

  • Emergency assistance for unexpected events, cancelled flights, suspension from school, illness. 

  • Liaising on your behalf with the school regarding exeat and half term arrangements or for unexpected situations.

  • Organisation of safe and efficient airport transfers and other travel for your child within the UK. 

  • Your child's Buddy will visit at least twice per year, after which a full report will be uploaded to your Blink portal.

  • Sourcing and checking of a suitable host family for exeats and half terms and/or in unexpected situations - exclusive use of Bright World's Host Family Selection Tool so you can help us choose your host family

  • Annual enhanced DBS checks and inspections of host families and screening of drivers on your behalf.

  • Your child’s Buddy will keep in touch throughout the year, calling and emailing, always on the end of the phone if they need to talk.

  • 24/7 emergency phone service for students and parents.

  • Privileged access to Blink, our online parent portal - see reports, manage your account, submit flight details. View host family & driver profiles. 

Optional extras

We usually charge £500 deposit to pay for optional extras although this can be negotiated according to your needs.

  • Host family accommodation £45 per night.

  • Additional Parents Evening £60 plus mileage

  • Extra visit to school or host family on request £30 per hour plus mileage at 45p per mile.

  • Airport transfers - price according to distance. A small administration fee of £5 added for each journey organised by Bright World to cover the cost of enhanced DBS checks and screening. 

  • Airport Angel service. We can collect your child from the aircraft and escort through customs or escort to aircraft on return from £85.

  • Fuel allowance of 45p per mile for host families collecting the student from school.

  • Mandarin Counselling and translation services £300 per year plus VAT

  • Russian parent support service £200 per year plus VAT.  

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  • Find out about Bright World Guardianships at your chosen school. We offer high quality guardianship, host families and travel services across the UK and you can search for your school here. We offer guardianship at over 400 schools. In case you can't find your school just get in touch and ask.

Your Local Host Family

Host family search

  • Browse our large database of host families close to the school by using our host family selection tool. You can then select your favourite host families based on those that best suit your requirements. We will then give you an availability update on the families that you choose.