Head Office team

senior management team

Lana Foster

Lana Foster

Managing Director

Lana founded and co-owns the company with James. Lana is also Vice Chair of AEGIS, our accrediting body.

James Foster, Bright World

James Foster

Commercial Director

James co-owns Bright World and manages the all-important finances for all areas of the company. He makes sure everyone pays and gets paid.

Charlotte Hamson, Bright World

Charlotte Hamson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Charlotte manages the Regional Manager team at Head Office and China. She also manages our website, SEO, social media and Marketing Budget & Strategy.

Su Warren, Bright World

Su Warren

Director of Guardianships

Su manages the team of Guardianship Care Managers and Accommodation & Travel Managers to ensure that our programme is operated to the best of our ability and events are well organised and run smoothly.

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Guardianship Care Department Managers

Simon King, Bright World

Simon King

Senior Guardianship & Operations Manager

Simon manages our student care in Cumbria, Buckinghamshire, and Lancashire. Simon also manages our Local Coordinator team and oversees our emergency telephone and holiday rota

Robbie Piper, Bright World

Robbie Piper

Senior Guardianship Care Manager and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Robbie is our DSL and ensures our safeguarding standards are upheld and our students are well looked after. He also manages student care in Kent and York.

Casper Jones, Bright World

Casper Jones

Guardianship Care Manager/University Coordinator

Casper manages student care in Devon, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Surrey, Reading and Bristol. Casper also manages our University Guardianship programme.

Maria Novais

Maria Novais

Guardianship Care Manager

Maria takes care of our students in Sussex, Surrey, Suffolk, Norfolk and Scotland.

jieni Hua

Jieni Hua

Guardianship Care Manager

Jieni takes care of students in Dorset, Somerset, South Wales, Shropshire, Cambridge, Kent and Bedfordshire.

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Accommodation and Travel Managers

Fi Williamson

Fi Williamson

Accommodation & Operations Manager

Fi manages the host family allocations for a number of our students, strategically planning our events and making sure host families are all set for the holidays.

Leanne Poole

Leanne Poole

Senior Accommodation and Travel Manager

Leanne manages several students’ accommodation needs as well as managing our travel and transportation service, keeping our drivers trained and ensuring they uphold our Drivers’ Charter.

Annie Constable

Annie Constable

Recruitment and Safeguarding Manager

Annie manages the recruitment of host families for us and makes sure Safer Recruitment processes are followed.

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Sales and Marketing Team

Cory Holden, Bright World

Cory Holden

Admissions and Regional Manager

Cory manages our school placements service and manages student enquries and offers support to our partners in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Europe non EEA and Central Asia.

Lia Ferris, Bright World

Lia Ferris

Digital Media Manager and Finance Assistant

Lia manages our social media and website, along with closely working with James in our Finance Department making sure bills are paid. You can also find Lia hosting our podcast channel, Bright Sounds

Carol Gill, Bright World

Carol Gill

Marketing Assistant

Carol is the longest standing member of staff at Bright World. Carol assists the Sales, Marketing & Admissions team with agent prospecting, system management and marketing visit follow up.

Hai Li, Bright World

Hai Li

Regional Coordinator

Hai is based in Beijing and assists our Regional Manager with our Chinese Counselling service and assisting our network of agents and parents in China.

Grace Wang, Bright World

Grace Wang

Regional Manager

Grace manages our Chinese Counselling service and our agent network in China.

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