school & university guardianships terms and conditions

terms and conditions

1. Definitions

Bright World means Bright World Guardianships Ltd, UK ‘the Parents’ means the parents or guardians of the Student ‘the Student means the student to whom this agreement relates ‘the School’ means the school or university at which the Student is placed for the time being ‘the Host Family’ means any host family with whom the Student is provided with Homestay accommodation during the Programme ‘the Programme’ means the guardianship services offered to the student by Bright World.

2. Bright World’s obligations

2.1 To undertake, subject to the provisions of Paragraph 3.2, parental responsibility for the Student whilst they are studying at a UK boarding school or university during term time and any additional periods during which the Student is being provided with homestay accommodation as mentioned below and, in particular, where appropriate, to exercise its discretion on behalf of the Parents where consents are required from the School for activities to be undertaken by the Student.

2.2 To oversee, administer and liaise on behalf of the Parents with the School throughout the duration of the Programme.

2.3 For boarding school students to ensure that suitable homestay accommodation is provided where required during half terms, exeats and school holidays, subject to the payment by the Parents as set out in the fees list. This amount may vary from time to time to allow for extra meals and day stays which are usually charge at £50 if a student does not stay overnight. Students will be roomed in either single or twin rooms and may share with another student of a similar age and of the same gender.

2.4 To liaise with the Parents, the School and the Host Family and generally to provide for the welfare of the Student during the Programme.

2.5 To arrange transport for the Student between the point of arrival or departure in England and the School subject to reimbursement of expenses in accordance with Bright World’s published tariff.

2.6 Bright World will take all reasonable steps to: ascertain from the Student where and when he/she intends to travel independently; and take all reasonable steps to provide information as to where the Student intends to travel independently to the Parent(s) within a reasonable time prior to the child’s stated intended departure date for the independent travel.

3. The parents’ obligations and confirmations

3.1 The Parents confirm that Bright World Guardianships are the persons legally and properly entitled to act as guardians to the Student

3.2 The Parents delegate their parental powers and duties to Bright World during the course of the programme provided that Bright World shall be released from all such duties during any periods when the Student is under the direct control of the Parents or is absent from the School/university or the Host Family for purposes not sanctioned by Bright World or by the School, in particular for purposes arranged by the parents direct.

3.3 To provide any additional authority which may be required by the School or university to enable it to supply to Bright World all information it may require concerning the Student’s wellbeing, performance and conduct throughout the duration of the programme.

3.4 The Parents authorise Bright World to delegate such parental powers and duties to the School and the Host Family in such a manner and to such an extent as it thinks fit.

3.5 The Parents confirm their understanding of the medical release authorisation on our application form and confirm and undertake with Bright World that the Student has no allergies or special medical conditions which would affect the Students’ medical treatment other than any disclosed separately in writing by the Parents. Bright World may at its discretion attempt to obtain consents from the Parents for serious or emergency medical treatment but this may not be possible, whether because of language difficulties, shortage of time or otherwise, and Bright World will therefore be under no obligation to obtain any such consents from the Parents.

3.6 To be responsible for all fees and expenses properly payable in respect of the Programme In accordance with the provisions set out in the fees list and to pay cancellation fees in respect of cancellation of host family accommodation in accordance with the cancellation schedule as set out in section 4.4 of these terms and conditions, the parent guide and on emails confirming events.

3.7 The Parents shall not act in such a way as to prevent Bright World from carrying out its obligations under this agreement in a proper and reasonable manner.

3.8 Neither the Parents nor the Student will be responsible to the Host Family or the School for a accidental damage and Bright World will require the Host Family and the School to effect their own insurance against such damage. Neither the Host Family nor the School will however be responsible for the loss of, or accidental damage to, the Student’s belongings and it is therefore the Parents’ responsibility to take out their own insurance if required.

3.9 To ensure that the Student complies with all rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions of the School or university and all other reasonable requirements of the School and, if required by the school, to provide written acceptance of its rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions.

3.10 To ensure that the Student complies with all rules, regulations of Bright World Guardianships as set out in the Student and Parent Handbooks and Student Charter and all other reasonable requirements of regulations and to agree to their child signing this charter and for them to counter sign this Student Charter if required.

3.11 To indemnify Bright World against all costs, claims and other losses which may arise by reason of its reasonable exercise of any discretion or to or other authority given to it by virtue of this Agreement

3.12 Consent for Information Storage and Sharing: Bright World is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information. In line with this commitment and in accordance with our General Data Protection Policy, we inform you that:

  • Storage of Information: All personal and sensitive information provided to Bright World will be stored securely in our operating system. We employ stringent security measures to ensure data protection and confidentiality.
  • Sharing of Information: To facilitate the effective delivery of our guardianship services, it may be necessary to share specific information with trusted third parties such as host families, transportation providers, and educational institutions. This sharing is done strictly on a need-to-know basis and is limited to information pertinent to the care, welfare, and educational support of the student.
  • Parental Consent: By agreeing to these terms and conditions and signing our application form, you, as the parent/legal guardian, grant Bright World explicit permission to store and share this information as outlined above. Your consent is crucial for us to provide comprehensive guardianship services to your child.
  • Reference to General Data Protection Policy: For detailed information on how we handle, protect, and use your personal data, please refer to our General Data Protection Policy, which is available upon request and is also accessible on our website here.
  • Right to Withdraw Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, please be aware that this may affect our ability to provide certain services.

Acknowledgement: By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms related to data protection and information sharing as outlined above and in our General Data Protection Policy.

4. Termination

4.1 Either Bright World or the Parents may terminate this Agreement by giving to the other party at least one clear term’s notice in writing to expire at the end of a term. This means, therefore, that any such notice, whether given during term time or during school holidays, must expire at the end of the following term. If one terms notice is not given, the Parents will be liable for one terms Guardianship fees as set out in the fees sheet.

4.2 In the event of the Student being expelled by the School or university in accordance with its rules and regulations or if they are withdrawn or withdraw themselves from the school or university for any reason, Bright World shall, if necessary, immediately be released from all its obligations to the Parent or the Student under the terms of this Agreement and the Parent shall not be entitled to any refund of fees. Any fresh arrangement for the Student following expulsion must be the subject of separate negotiation between the Parents and Bright World.

4.3 In the event of the Student not being expelled by the School but the Student, the Parent or their Educational Agent, being guilty of persistent unreasonable behaviour or behaviour of a seriously unreasonable nature, under circumstances where Bright World acting reasonably shall no longer be prepared to accept responsibility for the Student, then Bright World may terminate this agreement forthwith by notice in writing to the parents in which event Bright World shall immediately be released from all its obligations from the parents or the Student under the terms of this agreement and the Parents shall not be entitled to any refund of fees.

4.4 In the event that a parent needs to cancel or alter previously booked homestay accommodation, 3 weeks notice is required in writing. Failure to comply with this will render the parents liable to pay cancellation fees. Cancellation of a host family more than 7 days and up to 3 weeks incurs a 50% charge and less than 7 days incurs a 100% charge.

5. Change of school or university

5.1 Bright World will act in accordance with any reasonable requirement of the Parents in connection with any change of school for the Student and in particular Bright World will not transfer the Student to another school without the written consent of the parents.

6. English Law

6.1 This Agreement and any agreement with the School or the Host Family and any other matters relating to the Programme shall be subject to English Law and the Parents undertake to submit to the jurisdiction of English Courts in respect of any matters arising out of any of them. The parents acknowledge that English Law may be different from the law of their own country, e.g. in respect of race relations or sex discrimination.

 7. Exclusion of Bright World’s liability

7.1 As the School will be selected only with the consent of the Parent, Bright World cannot accept any responsibility to the Parents or the Student for any acts or omissions of the School relating to the Student.

7.2 Whilst Bright World will take proper care in selecting the Host Family, Bright World cannot accept responsibility for the actions of the Host Family in relation to the student.

7.4 Whilst Bright World will be pleased to assist the Student and the Parents in obtaining any visas and any other entry or re-entry documents which may be required for the Student, or in complying with any statutory entry or re-entry requirements, Bright World cannot accept any responsibility for such matters and any legal responsibility shall rest with the Student and the Parents.

7.5 Bright World cannot accept any responsibility generally for acts carried out in exercising its powers and duties under this Agreement or any omissions relating thereto, except insofar as such acts or omissions are in contravention of this Agreement.

7.6 For the avoidance of doubt, Bright World cannot accept any responsibility to the School or the Host Family for any acts or omissions of the Student and it is recommended therefore that each student carry his own third party insurance.

7.7 If there is an outbreak of any infectious or contagious disease in your country, in the UK or at your child’s school and or if your child contracts a contagious disease and we are asked to accommodate them, whilst we will make every effort to find accommodation for your child, we cannot guarantee it and we would recommend following UKHSA advice and for them to be isolated at school.  In the case of Covid-19, we are not readily able to remove students who test positive whilst at school and expect them to isolate at school. In exceptional circumstances where a school cannot isolate a student safely, we will try and assist with a host family but this will be subject to an additional service charge and a higher nightly rate for the host family stay (see our Fees page). If a student tests positive whilst at a Bright World host family we will isolate them at the host family or at an alternative host family should their host family not be able to.

If the school requires your child to leave for any reason, including the school closing due to a pandemic or contagious outbreak, we will accept your child into our care for as long as is needed and pending the arrangements of your child’s travel home, provided they are not contagious themselves. The cost of the return airfare and any costs incurred accommodating your child in such circumstances will be reimbursed by you.

In the event of a temporary school closure, guardianship services will continue as normal until it reopens, with staff, host families, drivers and Local Coordinators being retained and on standby ready for the reopening of the school. No reimbursement of fees is due.

8. Promotional Material

Sometimes we take photographs for us to use for identification purposes, for sending back to you in our reports and from time to time would like to use these in promotional material such as this brochure, the student handbook or our website. You will have indicated your consent or non-consent to this on your initial application form. If your answer subsequently changes, you must inform us in writing.

9. Entire Agreement Clause

This agreement and any schedules and documents referred to constitute the entire agreement and understanding between us Bright World and you the Parents in relation to the subject matter thereof. Without prejudice to any variation, this Agreement shall supersede any prior promises, agreements, representations, undertakings or implications whether made orally or in writing between you and us relating to the subject matter of this Agreement but this will not affect any obligations contained in any such prior agreement which are expressed to continue after termination.

10. General

In the event of any provisions of this Agreement being held to be void or unenforceable such provision shall be deemed to be severable so that the remaining parts of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect to the exclusion of the void or unenforceable provision.