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If you select Bright World as your child's guardian, our guardianship team will assist you with arrival arrangements.

finding your place in a UK boarding school

Student and Leanne Poole, Travel Manager

Bright World Education Ltd is an education consultancy specialising in helping international students find places at UK.  We work with over 300 UK boarding schools and colleges in England, Scotland and Wales. Our Placement service has been in operation since Bright World begun in 2000 and over the years our team of education specialists have helped hundreds of international students join the British education system and go onto top UK universities to complete their education. We are dedicated to helping international students find places at UK boarding schools and colleges.

why is Bright World’s boarding school placement service the best?

Louis Spice and Cory Holden

The simple answer to this is because of the hard work and dedication of our staff and the knowledge they possess. Admissions Manager, Cory Holden has worked with Bright World and these schools and colleges for many years. Cory has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the schools, the education system and most importantly how international students can make the transition between their education system overseas and ours in the UK. Bright World has excellent contacts with schools and understand the needs of international students very well. Boarding Schools in England and the rest of the UK fill up quite quickly during the academic year and we keep a careful note of the places still available week by week.

finding the right course for you

Student in a School Corridor

The British education system is renowned worldwide for its high academic standards. A levels and IB are offered in the UK as the main qualification to gain entry to a British or indeed any university system globally.

Differences in school systems and insufficient level of English often means that some international students don’t fit exactly with the traditional system. In this case we can recommend courses with flexible start dates and schools offering English language support. The Bright World Admissions team will match your academic history, level and age group with the right course. The standard academic year begins in September and is made up of three terms.

academic consultation

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Send us the student’s name, date of birth and latest school reports with any further requirements. Use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page for your convenience. Once we have this information, we will send you our pre-academic consultation online form, after which we will suggest schools that still have places in the correct year group for you. We will then guide you throughout the admissions process until your place is confirmed. 

When we receive your online Pre-academic consultation form, we will contact you to ask for some information about your child. You will need to provide the basic details – name, date of birth, and gender – and we will also need to establish the year group you are applying for.

english level and personal statements

Cory and Student

For international students, we also need to establish their level of English, so Cory can take this into account when looking for the best and most appropriate school.

We will require school reports, and a school reference, along with a personal statement written by the student. This personal statement plays an important role in placement, as schools like to see the student’s level of written English, and to find out a bit more about the child.

UK boarding school search

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Cory will then search for some schools that meets your criteria, and will send a school profile of his suggestions to you to read through and digest. If you have any questions about the school at this point, Cory will be able to help you by phone, email or skype. When you are happy with the school choice, we do ask that you return to Bright World to apply for a place at the school, so that we can continue to help you with our valuable knowledge and experience.

registration, testing and offer

Students Using Computers

You will then receive a registration form to complete and arrange for payment of a registration fee, the amount of which varies from school to school but 200 pounds sterling is an average (non refundable). At this stage, the majority of schools will require an entry test to be completed, which needs to take place under strict exam conditions. This can be done at Bright World Head Office, at British Council offices if overseas, or at the student’s current school. Sometimes the student will be invited to visit the school to be interviewed and in most cases a Skype interview will be required.

Once you have registered and your child has completed the boarding school's entrance examinations and an offer made, a deposit is then required to formally accept and secure the place. This is generally one term’s school fees, plus one term’s school fees which will have to be paid by the first day of term. Deposits are refunded at the end of a student’s schooling, less any money outstanding on your account and assuming that proper notice has been given.

Your child will now have a place at boarding school and we can now offer Bright World guardianship services for the duration of your child’s studies.

a happy parent

When I stumbled on your website while searching for a school for Keith, I had no idea it would turn out like this. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a splendid collaboration. LVS is a good school and Keith loved it and he had a very good relationship with his teachers and other staff members.
Nomusa, parent of placement and guardianship student, Keith

approved agent British Boarding Schools Network

BBSN approved agent 2024

Bright World Education is delighted to be approved by the prestigious British Boarding Schools Network. Membership Requirements include having high standards of professional and ethical behaviour, having properly trained staff and to abide by the BBSN Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions. Three references were obtained from UK boarding schools in order to obtain this level of recognition. Membership is reviewed annually.

why choose a UK boarding school? 

The British Education system has a reputation of excellence worldwide. The experience of living and learning in a prestigious boarding school with years of history and tradition is an unbeatable one. Students who travel from overseas to live in a UK boarding environment are being immersed in a unique environment in a place of learning. The standard of teaching in small classes is second to none and with hard work and dedication that will be encouraged, they will thrive academically and become the best they can be. The additional benefits of the extra-curricular opportunities that will be offered to them in the areas of sports, arts and performance will further enrich their experience. Studying in a UK boarding school is a truly enriching and life-changing experience and learning to live with others from all around the world will set them up for a successful university and working career.

what types of UK boarding schools we work with?

Bright World can help place your child at the following types of British boarding schools: 

Girls boarding schools 

Bright World has partnerships with many boarding schools for girls in the UK. Many parents feel that a girls-only education is the best for their child before they progress onto university.

Boys boarding schools 

There are still a few UK boarding schools who accept boys only and Bright World has agreements with several of these. We can help to place your son into a boys only prep or senior school.

Co-ed boarding schools 

There is a much wider choice of co-educational boarding schools and the majority of schools we work with accept both boys and girls. We work with schools located in rural areas with extensive sports facilities as well as city centre schools located closer to the airport.

Prep boarding schools 

For parents wanting to send their children to a UK boarding school at preparatory level, Bright World works with a range of prep boarding schools. These are mostly for girls and boys and offer boarding from age 7 upwards. Once students reach the age of 13 they are then ready to progress either to the senior school of the Prep school they are at or move to another school ready to start secondary education.

Summer boarding schools 

When the main academic year finishes in July and the school is closed to mainstream students for the whole months of July and August, many boarding schools open their doors for students wishing to experience a boarding school during the holidays. Bright World works with top quality summer school providers who operate their summer courses at top UK boarding schools.

summer courses UK

summer students

Bright World can help you find a place at a UK boarding school for a UK summer course. We work with an impressive selection of summer programme providers that operate high quality programmes at top UK boarding schools.

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