British Boarding Schools Network Approved Agent

Bright World Education is approved by the British Boarding Schools network

We are proud to announce that Bright World Education has been given Approved Agent status by the British Boarding Schools Network.
Membership of BBSN is an acknowledgement that a company is professional and meets strict quality assurance standards.

For agents it’s a mark of quality, giving school staff and client families the confidence to work with them. Many British boarding schools prefer to work only with BBSN agent members as they appreciate the rigorous vetting process. We are proud to have earnt the right to be part of this high quality, exclusive Network, and it is an honour to be accepted.

Membership is recognition of agents’ commitment and hard work in recruiting for, and representing, British boarding schools.

For schools it provides reassurance of the high calibre of agents in the Network. Schools feel secure to work in partnership with approved agent members, thus extending their international marketing reach and benefitting from their expert in-country knowledge. Schools benefit from working with the most professional agents to recruit and grow their numbers of high-quality international students that are a good fit for their school, thus saving time and money.

Given the importance of international pupils to British boarding schools, it is vital they are working with carefully selected and vetted agents to protect their UKVI student sponsor licence.

For parents it offers comfort and reassurance that they are dealing with a professional company, which has been through a vetting process, and which they can trust to work in the best interests of their child.

Schools and agents alike value the integrity of the Network. Agents cannot buy membership – there is a stringent vetting procedure (which includes triple-reference checks and an interview with a senior member of staff) and regular monitoring. Membership is only granted to agents who meet BBSN's high standards.

BBSN Certificate of membership