UK Guardianship

Why do I need a guardian?

The majority of UK boarding schools require all overseas pupils to have a UK guardian. A guardian should be a responsible adult living in the UK who can be there in an emergency situation on behalf of parents. For those parents who do not have a family friend to act as guardian, then they have the opportunity of choosing a UK Guardianship Organisation such as Bright World to act in Loco Parentis for their child. This not only satisfies the Boarding School requirements but also the UKVI guidelines and keeps international students safe while they are not in school and are unaccompanied.  

Use our Quotation Tool to produce a personalised quotation 

Not yet ready to apply? You can produce your very own personal quotation for guardianship based on different airports and requirements now. Contact us now to access our Quotation Tool.

What will Bright World do for me and my child?

A Bright World UK guardian will ensure that all the needs of your child are met and offers parents peace of mind and security in the knowledge that there is always someone there to give a helping hand. Our UK Guardianship programme offers a total care package from day one of a student’s stay in the UK and throughout their study period.  

A Trustworthy service from an experienced team of professionals 

Bright World was established in 2000 and has been dedicated to offering UK guardianship to international students ever since.   Our staff are all expertly trained in Child Protection and Customer Service to create the optimum service for parents and to provide the support and mentoring that young children studying in the UK require.  

Committed to Safeguarding your child

Bright World is accredited by AEGIS, the Association of Education Guardians for International Students since 2006 and is a Trusted Partner of Child Safe, gaining Bronze membership status in 2013

Online communication portal for reports and notifications

Our clients (parents and their agents) benefit from the use of BLINK, our cloud-based Parent Portal where you will see a live timeline of our reports, visits and Parents Evenings feedback forms.   

Safe and well considered host family accommodation

From time to time, students may need to leave school unexpectedly, their flight may be cancelled leaving a gap once the school has closed, they need to leave school during some leave weekends (exeats) and half term holidays.  Bright World can offer safe and secure host family accommodation during these planned and unexpected events.   

Online Host Family Selection Tool - Help us to choose your Host Family

Browse our large database of host families close to the school that suit your requirements. Please use our Host Family selection Tool and select your favourite Host Families. We will then give you an availability update on the families that you choose.  

Culturally interesting and fun solutions for Half Term and Easter holiday breaks

Not all students want to go to a host family and are looking for something more exciting with a group of other like-minded individuals.  Bright World has developed unique programmes in partnership with Education and Activity experts to provide wonderful half term and Easter holiday options for our students.   

Here in an emergency when you need us 

Our established network of Local Coordinators and host families living locally to the schools combined with our emergency helpline manned 24/7 by our Head Office staff team means that our clients can be reassured that we will be there to help in an emergency on your behalf.

What is included in the Bright World Guardianship Programme?

  • Assistance with application to school or college and the care and support of our Head Office team
  • Safe transfer of student to and from airport with a Bright World driver
  • Safe arrival notification and arrival report to parents including initial academic and welfare information
  • 24 hour emergency telephone assistance
  • Two visits per year from your Bright World Buddy followed by a full academic and welfare report
  • Assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements for visiting parents.
  • Ongoing day to day liaison between the school, the student and the parents
  • The provision of an excellent, hand-picked, host family fully checked out by the discerning Bright World Team

A message from the Managing Director 

"We act as your personal representative and will speak on your behalf. Our uk guardian students can rely on us as an independent friend - someone they can go to for advice and help- choosing Bright World means entrusting an organisation that is committed to safeguarding your child and working to the highest standards possible."
Lana Foster

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