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At Bright World, we collaborate closely with a select group of education agents worldwide. These agents possess a solid understanding of the British education system, extensive experience in student counselling for education programmes, and a proven track record of guiding students through the application and visa process.

Why Partner with Bright World?

Our partnership, combined with Bright World's extensive experience and the diverse programme options from our partner schools, ensures a seamless transition for students and parents entering the British education system.

Easy Collaboration

Working with Bright World is straightforward. New agents receive clear guidelines on promoting the institutions we work with. You'll receive a login to our portal, Blink, detailing each school and college.

For those looking for guardianship services we will be able to furnish you with the ability to produce your own quotations from our portal, Blink and can assist you with specific requirements for all categories of clients.

As our valued agent, you will also receive regular newsletters and email communications to help you stay updated.

With this combination of Bright World's experience and the choice of programme options offered by its partner schools, students and parents who choose to enrol with Bright World are assured a smooth and well-considered transition from their education system to finding the right place for them in the British education system and an excellent guardian while they are here.

meet the Sales and Marketing Team

Cory Holden, Bright World

Cory Holden

Admissions and Regional Manager

Cory manages our school placements service and manages student enquries and offers support to our partners in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Europe non EEA and Central Asia.

Lia Ferris, Bright World

Lia Ferris

Digital Media Manager and Finance Assistant

Lia manages our social media and website, along with closely working with James in our Finance Department making sure bills are paid.

Carol Gill, Bright World

Carol Gill

Marketing Assistant

Carol is the longest standing member of staff at Bright World. Carol assists the Sales, Marketing & Admissions team with agent prospecting, system management and marketing visit follow up.

Hai Li, Bright World

Hai Li

Regional Coordinator

Hai is based in Beijing and assists our Regional Manager with our Chinese Counselling service and assisting our network of agents and parents in China.

Grace Wang, Bright World

Grace Wang

Regional Manager

Grace manages our Chinese Counselling service and our agent network in China.

Charlotte Bright World

Charlotte Hamson

Director of Sales and Marketing

Charlotte manages the Regional Manager team at Head Office and China. She also manages our website, SEO, social media and Marketing Budget & Strategy.

Bright World - Agent Case studies

case studies

Explore how our partner agents have benefited from collaborating with Bright World. In these case studies, we showcase the importance of partnership, compromise, and flexibility in our agent relationships. Especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, having a professional and reliable guardianship partner is crucial.

from a happy partner

Bright World Guardianships have been a long-standing partner with Aston Education since it first started. Bright World follows up on students closely with regard to their needs and individual situations at school. As a guardian, their role is extremely important, especially with younger students or when students are in need. Bright World is always quick to react when students need assistance. Their service is all rounded, and no matter if it is for a student’s travel arrangements during term breaks, or homestay arrangements, they are very caring throughout the student’s stay in the United Kingdom. We highly recommend students and parents to use Bright World Guardianship service.
Dahlia Leng, Managing Director, Aston Education, Hong Kong