the Bright World app

the Bright World app

The Bright World app provides quick and easy access to everything our students, parents, agents and host families need to know. Quick and convenient, our app gives you direct access to guidelines, policies and contact information, all at the push of a button.


the Bright World Student app

On the Bright World app, Boarding School and University students gain access to important safety information, rules, and useful contacts they might need during their stay in the UK.

host families

Bright World Host Families can use the app to access guides, policies, and procedures, including all our host family safeguarding information and a reminder of how to access our host family training portal.

parents and agents

the bright world app and a cup of coffee

Through the Bright World app, parents and agents will have access to school, host family, and transport information, along with access to BLINK - our guardian portal.