emergency chaperone service

why we need the Bright World Emergency Chaperone Service

Su Warren with a student

From time to time, our guardianship students need emergency support from us either when they are at school or during the holidays. On occasions, we need to help in chaperoning students to A & E or to hospital appointments. These visits are often unexpected and urgent and can occur at weekends, during the evenings and even overnight. The hospital visit can often require subsequent host family accommodation until the student can return to school or to their host family.

Our Team of Emergency Chaperones

Emergency call outs to escort students to the hospital can come at any time of the week, day or night. For this reason, we need a good number of registered chaperones on our team so we can always be assured that someone will be available.

Our first port of call is usually the student’s Bright World Buddy whom they will have met before. If they are not available or if the situation deems a host family a more appropriate solution then we may call on one of our registered Emergency Chaperones. We have Emergency Chaperones across the UK to serve all the areas where we have students who may need support.

Su Warren (pictured) is our Director of Guardianships and is also our Emergency Chaperone Director. You can contact Su at any time on su@brightworld.co.uk.

what does an Emergency Chaperone do?

man holding Emergency Chaperone Card


Although hospital visits are usually undertaken by the Bright World Local Coordinator, they are not always available. If they are not able to attend we may call a member of Emergency Chaperone Team in that area to help with some or all of the arrangements.


We will keep detailed records of all interactions and events, including any hospital reports, during our emergency chaperone service to pass back to parents and schools.


We may also need to arrange overnight accommodation in a host family for the student until they can return to school. If this is likely we will choose an Emergency Chaperone who can offer this.


Our Emergency Chaperones will usually use their own transport to take students to hospital or their appointment. If they can attend but do not have transport then we may need to arrange for a driver to take both our chaperone and the student together.