AEGIS Gold Standard Accreditation - what does it mean?

the highest accreditation standard available for UK guardianships

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International parents and students are asked to choose a family friend or a Guardianship Organisation when they enrol their child into a UK boarding school. We want parents to understand the importance of choosing an AEGIS-accredited guardian and what that accreditation actually means. They should be aware of the risk they may take if they choose a person or a company who has not been inspected by AEGIS.

Accreditation is crucial for any organisation in any field. The stamp of approval from an impartial, external governing body assures that the organisation under scrutiny is doing things properly.

Bright World is really proud to have achieved GOLD Standard Accreditation from AEGIS, having been through a thorough and independent inspection. Gold standard accreditation is the highest possible standard achievable in guardianship in the UK.

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AEGIS sets the standards and they are thorough and complete

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AEGIS has a dedicated Head of Inspections, Jackie Scotney, who sets the extensive set of Quality Standards that a Guardianship Organisation must follow and pass in order to achieve GOLD Standard Accreditation. Having a set of standards to follow and maintain that is kept up to date, is the only way an organisation can truly say that they are keeping on top of their safeguarding standards.

During an AEGIS inspection for GOLD Standard Accreditation, which takes place every four years, there are 11 main areas covered:

  1. Company aims, principles and practice
  2. Management of the guardianship organisation
  3. Pre-Arrival Support
  4. Student Induction
  5. Travel Arrangements
  6. Homestays
  7. Student Folder
  8. Safeguarding, Child Protection & Welfare
  9. Complaints
  10. Day Schools & Private Fostering
  11. Liaison with Partner Schools

from the Head of Inspections at AEGIS

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With so many Guardianship Organisations to choose from, AEGIS continues to offer overseas parents the best peace of mind available by offering an assessment and inspection framework, in order to assess the quality of UK Guardianship Organisations. Choosing an AEGIS accredited Guardianship Organisation, means that parents can be sure they are doing all they can to keep their child safe. 

At Bright World we will be having our next re-inspection early next year and we are constantly keeping our policies and processes up to date so that we will be fully prepared for what is a rigorous analysis of the company. In our last re-inspection in 2017 we achieved 98% success straight away and made immediate improvements in the few areas that were recommended. We were proud to be praised for 'consistently high standards' throughout the organisation. We have certainly been working hard to maintain and improve on those high standards ever since, so we are hopeful to achieve an even higher evaluation next year.

why is AEGIS accreditation pure gold?

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