Bright World achieves 100% in AEGIS Re-inspection

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We are delighted to announce that following our AEGIS re-inspection earlier this month, Bright World has been officially reaccredited to Gold standard, after meeting 100% of the 196 inspection criteria. We couldn't be prouder of these results and are proud of all the team who work so hard to ensure we uphold our high standards of care.

Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

A specialist as a guardian
Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

the highest accreditation standard available for UK guardianships

Bright World Guardianships AEGIS certificate

Gold standard accreditation is the highest possible standard achievable in guardianship in the UK. UK Boarding Schools are satisfied with the assurance that comes with this, and many now strongly recommend that any guardian appointed be accredited by AEGIS to Gold standard.

This independent mark of approval reassures all involved that the guardian organisation appointed has passed a thorough inspection and is operating professionally and following a strict safeguarding framework. There are a total of 11 standard categories and within these standards are 196 criteria.

The 11 main areas covered are;

  1. Company aims, principles and practice
  2. Management of the guardianship organisation
  3. Pre-Arrival Support
  4. Student Induction
  5. Travel Arrangements
  6. Homestays
  7. Student Folder
  8. Safeguarding, Child Protection & Welfare
  9. Complaints
  10. Day Schools & Private Fostering
  11. Liaison with Partner Schools

Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

Parents and students were overwhelmingly complimentary about the service offered by Bright World. Comments from parents talk about a detailed and timely service with effective communication at all stages of the process. They are impressed with the support that they provide their children, particularly in ensuring that they are safe, secure and happy in their time in the country.
Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

Bright World is a progressive guardianship organisation having been in operation for over 20 years. The focus is always on the students and their families and ensuring that they offer a quality and comprehensive service to every family as an individual.
Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

An Authority on the Covid requirements in different countries

The Directors have become very much an authority on the Covid requirements in different countries and have been sharing their knowledge with others in the sector. This is typical of the focus of this guardian organisation – to be a specialist specifically as a guardian rather than diversifying into other aspects of the educational sphere.
Sue Duff, Lead Inspector

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