more than just a safe place to stay, a host family can open new horizons

a richer UK experience

Spending the school holidays with a host family can provide a range of new experiences and cultural knowledge which students miss out on if they return home. When the right host family is matched with a student it also creates a bond that can last for years to come, adding an extra dimension to a students time in the UK.

Whether it is experiencing all that London's art museum have to offer; discovering a new found love for pets or forging lifelong family friendships, feedback from the most recent academic year highlights just how far good host family experiences go towards changing landscape and open new horizons for our students.

life long connections

Isabel with her host family

Many students remain in contact with their host family for years to come. Isabel Tornqvist was hosted by Lisa McGowan and her family while studying at Elmhurst Ballet School.

Isabel invited Lorna to the end of year show at Elmhurst last year and introduced her to her parents and sister. Lorna is in regular contact with Isabel's mother and they meeting up again for Isabel's final school show at the end of term.

Following the completion of her studies in the UK, Isabel will be joining the Alberta Ballet Company later this year.

added colour

Hey Debbie, I hope you and your family are well. I just want to let you know how grateful I am for your care and kindness during our stay. I feel extremely welcomed by every member of your family and living at your house has added so many colours to my first year of studying abroad. Though we’ll be busy preparing for university next year, hopefully we’ll stay in touch and I wish you all the best.
Ariel & Natalie - Bright World students

an Easter to remember

Julie spent three weeks with a UK host family during the Easter holidays and had an amazing time. During the course of her stay, she really started coming out of her shell.  She was initially somewhat scared of dogs but within 2 days of her arrival at the Dunford family, she had grown to love them.

As Julie neared the end of her stay, she mentioned that she had not been to London. Her host family sprang into action and arranged a trip to London to look at art galleries (Julie is a talented artist) as well as the London Eye and dungeons. They had an amazing last day before she returned to school.

farewell but not goodbye

We bid farewell to Luna, as this would be the last time that she would be staying with us. Although the occasion was tinged with sadness, I am so happy that she has been accepted into her university of choice, UAL. I wish her all the best. I will miss her but I know that she will do exceptionally well in her future studies.

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