why do parents send their children to boarding school?

why do parents send their children to boarding school?

Interest in a boarding school education is on the rise and the UK offers a variety of different options for both local and international parents.

Sending your child to boarding school can be a huge decision and should be taken carefully. Read on to find out why parents send their children to boarding school and discover some of the many benefits that this can have for your child's education.

history and tradition

Bredon School

Many parents choose boarding schools because of their history and proven track record of providing an excellent all-round education with good prospects of achieving a place at a top university.

The first independent school in the United Kingdom, The King's School, Canterbury, was founded in 597 AD and, as of 2019, is considered the longest continuously running school in the world.

Drawing on their years of teaching experience, UK boarding schools continue to lead the way, topping league tables and helping students to not only gain an excellent set of examination results, but to reach new heights in sports, music and business internationally. Many schools seek to maintain their traditions and ethos whilst continuing to innovate and keep up with modern developments.

global opportunities

passport and tickets

Qualifications gained at UK boarding schools are highly prestigious and recognised internationally. This is particularly important for young people who hope to return to their own country to attend university after graduating high school. This also allows British students to study their degree abroad, giving them access to educational institutions all over the world.

Overseas students who study within a UK boarding school also benefit by immersing themselves in the English language and culture. This stands them in good stead, both for university applications and in future career prospects.

the right school for every child


Boarding options range from full boarding; where your child will only return home for exeat weekends, half terms and the longer school holidays, to weekly; where they return home each weekend. Private day schools may be another option for local students or for families who are relocating to the UK.

With approximately 500 boarding schools in the UK, there is a school to match every child's needs. Many offer a mainstream boarding education, but you will also find schools that specialise in supporting students with special educational needs or who are on the autistic spectrum.

Some students flourish in a traditional residential school setting, while others achieve their full potential in the more independent setting of a tutorial or international college, which are structured to benefit students that are highly self-motivated.

excellent facilities and small class sizes

small class

Independent boarding schools invest heavily in providing their students with the best facilities. Whether this is a state of the art sports hall and fitness centre or digital classrooms with interactive whiteboards and tablet computers, they aim to be at the forefront of education provision.

Enhanced facilities also broaden the scope of extracurricular activities on offer. Alongside the traditional school sports of Football and Rugby, you will find Hockey, Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Cricket and equestrian sports such as Dressage. Your child will also be able to take part in field trips and expeditions as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme or join the CCF (combined Cadet Force) and learn key life skills.

Class sizes in UK public schools are often large, with between 30 and 40 students to a class. Boarding schools keep class sizes to a minimum, often between 5 and 10 students in a class. This ensures that each student gets a high level of individual support and can achieve their full potential. Boarding school teachers tailor their lessons so that each student can excel.

state boarding schools


Students born in the UK, children of military personnel stationed overseas, and those that hold an EU passport, are eligible to apply to state boarding schools. When you send your child to a state boarding school, you only have to pay for the accommodation, as the tuition costs are covered by the UK government.

State boarding schools regularly out-perform other state schools, in both Ofsted inspections and in academic performance.

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