why is my university asking me to appoint a UK guardian?

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So you've got your A-Level results and been granted a place on a UK university course. You've finalised your living arrangements and you are raring to get underway on your new adventure. You thought everything was sorted, so why are your university now asking you to appoint a guardian?

In short: if you are an international student, under the age of 18 years old, and have accepted a place to study at a UK university, it is highly likely that your university will ask you to appoint a UK-based educational guardian.

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Due to factors such as fast-track courses, accelerated academic development, and simple differences in the longitude of international schooling, it's becoming increasingly common for universities to grant places to international students who are just sixteen or seventeen years old. If these students do not have a parent or relative that resides in the UK, they will be asked to enlist the services of a UK guardianship organisation, such as Bright World. This not only satisfies the guidelines for universities when they become a tier 4 visa sponsor, but also their own internal safeguarding policies.

Most higher education institutes offer support in the form of their own student services department, who will be dedicated to ensuring the good health and safety of their students throughout the academic year. However, it is hugely beneficial for students to have an additional mentor and friend, particularly somebody who is independent from the university. It is also advantageous for the universities themselves, as it provides another level of safeguarding and care. As for overseas parents, who are often sending their child abroad for the first time, these type of arrangements provide great peace of mind.

Simon King, University Guardianship Programme Manager

"The different levels of care that Bright World offers to university students means that we can cater for all needs and preferences, and this is what makes our service so popular"
Simon King, University Guardianship Programme Manager

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Bright World's University Guardianship service is available at all universities across the UK. Our unique, specially-designed programme caters for all university students by offering two different packages. Basic guardianship (Option A) is our lower cost option which provides minimal cover. Full guardianship (Option B) includes an arrival orientation visit from one of our Local Coordinators. Both packages provide access to our 24 hour emergency helpline, which is managed by a member of staff at our Head Office. No matter which package you choose, one of our Local Coordinators will always be nearby to help should you need them. This means that all students have an emergency contact, who they can easily get in touch with in cases of emergency.

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Bright World takes the guardianship of international students very seriously, and we have very stringent safeguarding policies and procedures. Since the company was founded in 2000, we have provided a university guardian service to hundreds of students studying all across the UK. Please get in touch if you would like to find our more, or if you would like to apply for university guardianship, you can do so via our application form.

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