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Bright World offers guardianship at boarding schools across the UK. We have a Local Coordinator who lives nearby and a dedicated Head Office member of staff dealing with parents and the school. We also have a network of host families within easy reach of the school. Taxi drivers, fully screened by us, will be available for airport transfers and other travel within the UK as part of our service.

Bright World Guardianship Team

Rosanna Lythgoe

Rosanna Lythgoe

Local Coordinator

Our Local Coordinator who lives nearby this school. She will be your child's Bright World Buddy and will visit them at school and will attend Parents evenings.

Casper Jones

Casper Jones

Guardianship Care Manager

Your Head Office care contact for all administrational matters relating to your guardianship with Bright World.

Your Local Host Family

Your Local Host Family

Our Host Family Selection Tool will allow you to browse our large database of carefully screened host families near Bishop's Stortford College.

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World driver has been carefully screened and selected by us. You will receive Photo ID and contacts with your confirmations.

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Bishop’s Stortford College is one of the UK’s top performing co-educational day and boarding schools for children aged 4-18 years. With a team of passionate and dedicated staff, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and a campus covering 130 acres, Bishop’s Stortford College has the time, space and above all, the commitment to discover and develop the talent within its pupils. Boarding begins from age 7 and approximately 160 pupils board; around 40 in the Prep School and 120 in the Senior School. As three schools in one, they are large enough to provide an exceptional range of opportunities, whilst each part is small enough for pupils to be known, valued and nurtured as individuals. 

At the heart of the value Bishop’s Stortford College offers is the community of people. Pupils are surrounded by inspiring role models who enable them to develop the same confidence and ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The infectious enthusiasm, imagination and dedication of College staff, in partnership with parents, enables pupils to grow into happy, well-rounded, independently minded, skilful and caring young people, equipped and ready for the adventures and opportunities life has to offer.  

Bright World's placement service is FREE. If you would like more information on Bishop's Stortford College for GCSE, A level or English preparation contact us now. 


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  • Bright World understands that parents and students want to be involved in the selection of their host family.

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