LVS Ascot UK Guardianship & Admissions

Bright World at LVS Ascot

Rachael Wheeler

Local Coordinator

Our Local Coordinator who lives nearby this school. She will be your child's Bright World Buddy and will visit them at school and will attend Parents evenings.

Casper Jones

Casper Jones

Guardianship Care Manager

Your Head Office care contact for all administrational matters relating to your guardianship with Bright World.

Your Local Host Family

Your Local Host Family

Our Host Family Selection Tool will allow you to browse our large database of carefully screened host families near LVS Ascot.

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World driver has been carefully screened and selected by us. You will receive Photo ID and contacts with your confirmations.

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LVS Ascot students

Licenced Victuallers' School (LVS) is a non-selective, independent school offering day and boarding places. They have an Infant & Junior, Senior and Sixth Form school that all come under the same School Principal. There are around 850 students at the school. The boarding facilities provide full time and flexi boarding opportunities for all students from seven years of age and above.

Bright World's placement service is FREE of charge. If you would like more information on LVS Ascot and finding a place there from Year 7 through to GCSEs and A levels, then contact us now.


let us help you

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use our Host Family selection tool

  • Bright World understands that parents and students want to be involved in the selection of their host family.

  • Popular Features

  • search families by distance from your school
  • see details about the family (pets, children)
  • availability request function
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pre-academic consultation

  • An online form which gives us all the information we need to advise you on finding a place at this school.

  • Popular Features

  • submit your academic reports and details to us
  • online availability check
  • list your preferences so we can better advise you