luggage storage solutions for our students

student luggage and delivery solutions

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Our students often need assistance with transporting their luggage and possessions, either to a new school or back home, when they finish their course.  They also often require a storage service over the long holidays if they do not wish to take all their belongings home and their school does not have any storage facilities. Bright World does not have its own storage facility, nor do we ask our host families to store for us but we are pleased to offer the following services to our students in cooperation with

  • Collection and delivery of luggage within the UK 
  • Collection and delivery from UK to overseas
  • Collection and storage of luggage and possessions within the UK and delivery back to a UK address

how much does it cost?

Bright World Handling fee* 


Each box  (provided free of charge)


Each Suitcase 


* if you do not wish Bright World to organise this for you then you can organise this directly with  

**Please note there is a minimum spend of £80 for the Storage4Students service, ie you cannot just have one box. 

Shipping fee (international) quoted  once weighed at warehouse according to weight and country of destination. 


UK Storage Fee per student - included 

Bright World offers this service in association with Storage4Students, based in the UK and experienced in shipping across the globe.  

  • FREE supply of LARGE boxes, tape and bubblewrap
  • STORAGE included ALL SUMMER COLLECTION included direct from your school or house
  • DELIVERY included back to school boxes are 60 x 40 x 38cms that’s 40% bigger than most other companies.

MOVING TO UNIVERSITY? can deliver to ANY UK university

additional information

  • accept boxes, cases holdalls school trunks musical instruments and tvs/monitors
  • They only accept the boxes supplied by storage4students
  • Suitcases: can be upto 90cms in height
  • Holdalls/sportsbags: must be zipped close with no items protruding
  • Musical instruments:must be in a solid case or original box
  • TV’s/monitors: Need to be in there original box. Screen sizes of 40inches and above will count as 2 boxes
  • School trunks: A driver will only collect a school trunk where it is safe to do so. A school trunk counts as 3 boxes
  • Bikes: We do accept bikes in most cases but please email us before collection. A bike counts as 3 boxes
  • The maximum weight for each item is 25 kilos except for school trunks where the limit is 40kgs
  • Where an item exceeds the maximum weight a charge of £1 per kilo will be added.
  • storage4students reserves the right to refuse any package that is over weight or poorly packed.
  • All boxes/items must be secure and clearly marked with your name and the school/university name from which they are collecting.
  • boxes provided are only to be used for storage with
  • Over 90% of collections are made by storgage4students own drivers. They will collect from your room where it is safe to do so. 
  • For boarding houses please check with your house staff. 
  • Where there is no lift storage4students reserve the right to ask you to bring the boxes to the bottom of the stairs.
  • If collection is to be made by  storage4students couriers  storage4students  will inform you beforehand and ask you to take your boxes to reception.
  • storage4students will confirm a collection day with you or Bright World Guardianships. On the day  storage4studentswill text you an estimated collection time. This time is our best estimate but due to the distance covered by  storage4students drivers he may not be on time.
  •  storage4students only accept their own boxes.  storage4students does not accept laundry bags, carrier bags or boxes other than those supplied by student storage.
  • Do not pack perishable, live or dangerous goods, including food and plants.
  • Delicate items including china, glass, musical instruments and electrical items need to be carefully wrapped.  storage4students handles all items with care but no guarantee or insurance is offered on these items.
  • You must not store illegal, flammable or hazadous items. If such items are found the authorities will be informed and the items disposed of. The cost of disposal will be charged to you and no compensation will be paid.
  • If any liquid leaks from a box you will be liable for any damage caused to your goods and any other boxes in storage.
  • Payment can be made by cash on the day of collection Or by bank transfer or credit card with in 7 days of collection
  • Bank details will be on the receipt given to you when we collect your boxes
  • Insurance is included upto £100 per box, case or other item. You are advised to check you own insurance for cover above this amount. Insurance cover is for damage or total loss, in no circumstances will cover exceed £100 per box or suitcase.
  • Storage4students is not liable for any costs or liabilities due to the late collection or delivery of the boxes and luggage, however caused.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to contact storage4students to arrange delivery. If the boxes are still in storage at the end of the storage period (31st October for summer storage) then storage4students will charge an extra £3.50 per box per month or part of a month.
  • If you do not contact storage4students, or there are unpaid fees then after 3 months we have the right to dispose of the goods without paying compensation or damages.
  • Storage4students does not interfere with your goods but reserves the right to open any box or suitcase if it feels it is in the best interest of the customer or of storage4students. The reason may include, but is not limited to; leaks, strange smells or poor packaging.
  • Charity donations;  Storage4students provides a free service to its boarding school cusomers where it will collect clothes and shoes the bags provided.
  • By placing these items in the bags provided you give permission for storage4students to collect these items and make them available to a charitable organisation.
  • You confirm your are the legal owner of these goods and that you are responsible for their donation.