Covid-Safe half terms and exeats

what are the options?


host family stays

first class guardianship at over 400 UK boarding schools across the UK


residential options

Offered at UK boarding schools and residences.

what can my child do during half term?

Many of our students who are from countries exempt from quarantine on return to the UK, may well fly home to see their families. For those who are staying in the UK, they may opt to stay in school if that option is available to them.

For students not able to fly home or stay in school, Bright World has two options available...

host family stays

Staying with a host family remains the most popular choice for students remaining in the UK for half terms. The half term is very popular as many students who would normally be going home now opt to stay in the UK during the pandemic. Not all schools stay open for students so Bright World host families are available to host our guardianship students.

For the reassurance of parents and agents overseas, all of our host families will have signed up for our Covid-19 Safe Plan for Host Families, should students fall ill with Covid-19 symptoms while they are staying with them. Our host families are also putting in place additional precautions to keep students safe during these times when they are away from school.

Relax & Revise in Cambridge

A favoured option among students wanting an alternative to host family stay is our Relax & Revise Programme in Cambridge. This year the half term was very different and students benefited from double and triple ensuite bedrooms and a programme specifically designed to maintain social distancing and to avoid risk of infection.