South Korea pre-flight testing advice and assistance

travelling from London to South Korea

Covid-19 test

Requirements for travel from the UK are subject to change. To be assured of up to date information, please refer to the links below. If in any doubt then please get in touch.

how can Bright World help?

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Who can provide me with the correct test?

Bright World has found two companies which have clinics in the UK, that can assist. Depending on where the clinic is, we can find one nearer to a student's school and make sure the timings will work out with their flight departure times.

Parental permission form or email consent

Clinics will ask for parental permission to undertake the test and share details. Bright World will send a link to the form to parents for completion or will assist them to write an email.

How do I travel to the clinic to get a test?

Tests should be booked by overseas parents, as special consents are asked for which we are not qualified to give. Once the test is booked, we can arrange an escorted visit to the clinic. For younger students, our Bright World Buddies and trusted drivers have stayed with the child while they are having the test.

We are pleased we have been able to assist and get students home.

who do I contact at Bright World for help with pre-flight testing?

Su Warren

Su Warren, Director of Guardianships and Operations, has become our resident expert on testing and has helped several students get home safely already. Please contact if you have any questions.