Christmas 2020 - frequently asked questions

my boarding school is closing can you help me to find somewhere to stay?

The answer is YES. Bright World has teamed up with Kings Education for the Christmas school holidays and is offering all international students a residential programme.

where can I spend my Christmas holidays with Bright World?

Students have the choice of two Relax & Revise @ Christmas centres. Padworth College in Reading or Cambridge Melchior College. This programme is designed specifically for the students affected by the Coronavirus travel restrictions and in association with Kings Education.

what is Kings Education?

Kings Education - a language and educational group with schools and colleges across the world.  It was established 60 years ago and its Young Learners Division, who set up and organise summer camps with great success each summer are operating this programme so we can rest assured it will be professionally run.

what dates are available for Christmas 2020?

Our centres open on 11th or 12th December. Padworth College is available until 3rd January and Cambridge is available throughout January.

are the programmes Covid-19 safe?

Yes, there is a strict plan in place at all three centres. Kings Education has a strict Covid safety policy.

will students be tested for Covid-19 before the programme begins?

Yes all students will be tested 72 hours before their stay begins at either Relax & Revise @ Christmas Centre.

where will students stay on Relax & Revise @ Christmas?

At Padworth and CMC both singles and twins are available. The rooms are very large at CMC so if students arrive in a bubble and wish to live together up to 5 students can share a room.

how much is the programme?

£960 per week and a minimum of a week is paid for even if you arrive a day or two late. Up to 3 additional nights will be charged at £85, thereafter £137 will be payable.

when can students arrive?

Students can arrive on any day at any time.

what is included?

The programme is designed with boarding school students in mind and doesn’t have any English lessons or classes. Full board accommodation is provided and the programme is fully inclusive apart from arrival and departure transportation and pocket money.

will Bright World arrange transportation to and from the centre?

If you are a Bright World student then yes. If you have your own guardian then the guardian should be responsible for your safe transport there and back. If you have trouble arranging this with your guardian then Bright World will help but will need to charge extra for this.

are the activities and excursions compulsory?

Although we do encourage students to where possible take part in activities and excursions, they are not compulsory. Both are limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place in the UK and the need for students to socially distance. Students not taking part in activities and excursions can use the 'Hang Out' room instead but will be supervised at all times.

what are the going out rules?

Students are not allowed out unless supervised by a member of Kings staff and at all times covid safe social distancing will be practised on any outings off s

is there a minimum stay for Relax & Revise?

Yes - the minimum stay is one week.

what will happen to students who display symptoms of Covid-19?

Whilst we are taking every precaution, if someone presents with Covid-19 symptoms, they will be isolated in our specially allocated isolation unit and a test will be arranged. All members of the household bubble will need to isolate until the test results are received. If the test is positive, all household members will isolate for 10 days. The person with Covid-19 will be cared for by a member of Kings staff and we will follow NHS and PHE advice. 

Should the need for isolation occur towards the end of the Christmas programme, this may mean that students cannot return to their boarding school until they have undertaken a period of isolation. Kings and Bright World will continue to provide isolation facilities for students, until the 10 day period is over, regardless of when isolation starts. This will be at our Bournemouth residence if it spans further than 4th January and will be subject to an extra nightly charge. 

how does a UK lockdown affect the Christmas programme?

Lockdown will not affect the programme. Students will be allowed to travel to a safe place for their Christmas break if their school is closed. We are awaiting confirmation from The Department for Education, just in case there is any new guidance in light of lockdown and this page will be updated accordingly. In the event that there are not enough students for the programme to run the all students would be accommodated by Bright World or parents would receive a full refund if their child returns home.

what is the age range for Relax & Revise @ Christmas?

Padworth College welcomes children from as young as 7 right through to the age of 17; and Cambridge Melchior College is for students aged 12-18.

how do I book and is there a deadline?

If you would like to book a place, then please apply before 20th November using our Relax & Revise application form.

After this date we will only be able to refund you 80% of the programme fees. In the highly unlikely event of total school closures as in March this year and where all students return home indefinitely, we would offer a full refund. All fees are due at least 10 days prior to the start of the programme.


if i want to go home for Christmas can you help me with my Fit to Fly test and certificate?

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