the rigorous standards of AEGIS accredited guardianship

A closer look at how we fulfill our commitment to student welfare

understanding AEGIS Standards and Accreditation

AEGIS Accreditation Handbook

When it comes to the well-being and safety of international students studying in the UK, the commitment of guardianship organisations cannot be overstated. One organisation that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of care and support for these students is the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS).

The AEGIS Inspection Handbook and Guardianship Organisation Quality Standards is a comprehensive document that details the standards and procedures for guardianship organisations in the UK who are accredited by AEGIS. It outlines requirements for accreditation, including company aims, management, student wellbeing, and safeguarding protocols.

To truly appreciate the level of dedication and thoroughness that goes into guardianship, it's essential to understand the meticulous standards set by AEGIS and the extensive efforts undertaken by organisations like Bright World to achieve Gold Standard Accreditation.

company structure, staff screening and contracts

AEGIS will inspect the Guardianship Organisation's staff and suppliers contracts to ensure the company is running legally and professionally. Below is the standards that we set at Bright World to achieve Gold Standard Accreditation:-

Leadership Team: At the helm of Bright World is a strong leadership team with extensive experience in education and guardianship. This team sets the strategic direction for the organisation, oversees operations, and ensures compliance with AEGIS Standards.

Guardianship Care Managers They work closely with students, host families, and schools to provide continuous support, guidance, and advocacy. These individuals are selected for their exceptional interpersonal skills and their commitment to student welfare. Behind the scenes, our administrative team keeps the organisation running smoothly. They handle logistics, communications, and ensure that all documentation and policies are up to date and in compliance with AEGIS standards.

Safeguarding and Accommodation Team To maintain close relationships with our host families, we have host family managers who serve as a bridge between families and the organisation. They provide support, resources, and guidance to host families to help create a safe and nurturing environment for students.

Contracts and Commitment

Bright World recognises the invaluable contributions of staff and host families in the guardianship process. Anyone who works with us, whether as host families or in other capacities, are required to adhere to a set of principles and commitments outlined in their contracts.

Host Family Contracts: Host family contracts outline the expectations and responsibilities of hosting an international student. These contracts ensure that host families understand their role in providing a safe and caring environment, as well as their commitment to following AEGIS standards.

Staff Contracts: Our staff members, including guardianship coordinators and administrative personnel, sign contracts that clearly define their roles, responsibilities, and obligations. These contracts underscore the importance of providing students with exceptional support while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and care.

Training host families, undergo training to prepare them for their roles. This training covers various aspects, including child safeguarding, cultural sensitivity, and the specific needs of international students. By signing their contracts, volunteers acknowledge their commitment to safeguarding children.

In conclusion, Bright World's company structure is designed to ensure that all aspects of guardianship, from leadership to administrative staff and host families, work in concert to provide the highest level of care and support for international students. The contracts signed by staff and volunteers underscore their commitment to these standards, ensuring that the welfare and well-being of students remain the top priority throughout their educational journey in the UK.

host family selection and screening

person interviewing a couple sitting on chairs

AEGIS standards place a strong emphasis on selecting and monitoring host families who provide a secure, nurturing, and welcoming environment for international students. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of host families. These assessments include background DBS checks on anyone over 16 in the household, interviews, home inspections to ensure comfort and strict health and safety standards are met. It also includes a thorough review of references we seek on each of the main hosts in the family.

Host families must meet strict criteria, ensuring they can provide not only a safe physical environment but also emotional and educational support to students in their care.

Safeguarding checks are ongoing and need updating regularly. Our sophisticated operating system inhibits the use of any host family who has not passed all our rigorous checks initially and when they are due for renewal.

training and development

Bright World Team in training

Anyone working for or with Bright World, including host families, must undergo rigorous training and development programmes. This training covers various aspects, including child safeguarding, mental health awareness, and cultural sensitivity. Host families are educated on the unique needs of international students and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address these needs effectively. Our Head Office Team receive specialised training to assist them in providing guidance, support, and advocacy for students throughout their academic journeys.

Bright World goes one step further in safeguarding and has a Mental Health Champion Team comprising host families and staff who are specifically trained in supporting students struggling with Mental Health issues.

driver screening and transportation safety

driver in car

Transportation is a critical aspect of a student's daily life, and AEGIS standards ensure it remains safe and reliable. Organisations like Bright World screen all drivers used for student transport. We also offer them safeguarding awareness training which we feel is vital as they can spend many hours with students and need to recognise signs of things not being quite right so they can report confidently to us any concerns.

Bright World's screening involves us sighting DBS records for every driver coming into contact with our students, and licence reviews to maintain the highest safety standards. Our system is set to inhibit use of drivers who have not passed all our checks. It's a testament to the dedication to safeguarding students at all levels.

comprehensive information for parents, students, schools and overseas agents

Bright World app

Transparency and clear communication are at the heart of guardianship services. The AEGIS Standards insist that a guardianship organisation provides parents and students with comprehensive handbooks that provide essential information about the guardianship process, expectations, emergency procedures, and contact details. These resources help families understand what to expect and how to reach out for support if needed.

Bright World goes further than this in ensuring information is readily available and we have invested in an app for Parents, Students and Host families so they have easily accessible information and emergency contacts at their fingertips. We also provide our partner schools with a Handbook so they too understand how we work and our processes and policies.

robust policies, compliance, insurance and risk mitigation

Policy on computer

Guardianship organisations must adhere to a myriad of policies that cover various aspects of their services as set out in the AEGIS standards. These policies include safeguarding and child protection, complaints procedures, emergency response plans, and data protection measures. Regular reviews and updates ensure that these policies remain aligned with evolving regulations and best practices, further demonstrating the commitment to student welfare.

Insurance and Risk Mitigation

To protect students against unforeseen circumstances, AEGIS accredited guardianship organisations should maintain comprehensive insurance coverage. This insurance safeguards students' well-being, health, and personal belongings while under the organisation's care. It's a crucial layer of protection to ensure students have a secure and worry-free experience.

Data Protection and Privacy

Bright World takes data protection and privacy seriously. We adhere to stringent data protection policies that comply with UK regulations and AEGIS standards. These policies ensure the confidentiality and security of students' personal information, reinforcing trust and accountability.

there's more to guardianship than many people believe

AEGIS Gold Standard Certificate

In conclusion, the meticulous standards set by AEGIS and the thoroughness of guardianship organisations like Bright World showcase a steadfast commitment to the welfare and well-being of international students studying in the UK.

Every aspect of guardianship, from host family selection and training to transportation safety, information dissemination, and data protection, is meticulously managed to ensure students have the support and care they deserve.

The dedication to these standards ensures that parents and students can trust that their educational journey in the UK is in safe hands, providing peace of mind to families around the world.

We are inspected by AEGIS every four years. This does not mean that we only make checks against the standards when we are due to be inspected. We are constantly reviewing our standards against the AEGIS handbook which is updated at least twice each year. We are ready and geared up for our next inspection which will take place in mid-2025.
Lana Foster, Managing Director