everything you need to know before you meet your host family

the number one choice for Bright World students

Bright World host families provide a safe place for our students to stay during the school holidays and remain the most popular choice for our students. Host family accommodation is available for all half terms and exeat weekends. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we can also arrange accommodation at Easter and Christmas, for any students that are unable to travel home.

We secure our host families for the full academic year in advance, so that our students will always know where they will be staying. Many of our students return to the same host family every year that they study in the UK and keep in touch with them when they return to their own country.

In the following message to our students, we have put together everything that they need to know about how we choose their host family and what to expect when they stay with them for the first time.

finding the right people to host you


We want you to enjoy your time with your host family and for you to feel as though they are your home away from home. We are careful to make sure that we recruit the right kind of people to look after our students and follow a very strict safeguarding framework.

Each family has been visited and inspected in person by one of our Local Coordinators, you will know them as your Bright World Buddy. We also undertake a full DBS criminal record check on every member of the household who is over the age of 16. The family's home is inspected, to make sure that it meets our requirements and complies with safety guidelines.

finding you a family that fits

Your Local Host Family

Before confirming your host family for the year, we will first ask you for your requirements and preferences. Our Accommodation & Travel Managers then set to work to find a family that matches your needs and is not too far away from your school. We will check that they are available for all of your school holidays and then send you and your parents a profile of the family before finalising the arrangements.

You can also help us to choose your preferred host family for the year. For more information, contact your Guardianship Care Manager.


2 border terriers

46% of families in the UK own a pet. Pets are an important part of family life and are often treated as family members, rather than just animals. We understand that not all of our students will be comfortable with pets in the household and this is something that we take into consideration when choosing your host family.

meeting you at the school gate

Family in red car

An important part of the host family's role is to collect our students from school and to take them back safely at the end of the holiday. You will already have received a profile for the family, which will include their photograph, so you know who to look out for. We will also send this information to your house parents, along with confirmation of the holiday arrangements.

In exceptional circumstances when pick up or drop off is not possible, we can arrange a taxi, which is more expensive but sometimes unavoidable.

your room

bedroom with wardrobe and desk

A clean and comfortable single or shared room. The room will have a bed, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Students are encouraged to keep their bedroom clean and tidy; to make their own bed each morning and keep the floor area clear. A desk or quiet study area in the house will also be provided. Most homes in the UK have central heating and a radiator will be located in the room.

bathroom & toilet facilities


Some student bedrooms come with an en-suite bath or shower room. Alternatively, your host family will show you where the bathroom is when you first arrive. Towels will be provided.

It is important to stay healthy and take responsibility for your personal hygiene at the family home. The bathroom will be cleaned by the family regularly but you should also do your best to leave the bathroom and toilet clean after use.


student routine

Spending your holiday with a Bright world host family is your chance to relax, enjoy time away from school and immerse yourself in UK family life.

Most families will organise a few activities and outings during your stay, but you will have plenty of time to complete any homework you have been set or to chill-out and recharge. We encourage our students to get involved and take advantage of the cultural experience.

house rules

follow the rules

Most families will have their own house rules around bedtimes and mealtimes, particularly for younger students. You will need to be respectful and follow the family rules during your stay. Students must also abide by the Bright World code of conduct and going out rules, which can be viewed in the Bright World app.

Older students have more freedom and can go out on their own during the day, providing they are back at an agreed upon time that evening.


family meal

You will be offered breakfast, lunch and a cooked evening meal every day. Fruit and snacks are also available. If you are going out for the day, the family will provide a packed lunch which will consist of rolls or sandwiches together with a piece of fruit and a drink.

Some students like to help out with the cooking or to show the family what they like to eat at home. While this is not expected, it can be a lovely way to connect with your hosts and to share your own culture with them.

internet access

girl using laptop

We know how important it is for our students to be able to get online, both for school work and to keep in touch with friends and family during the holidays. All Bright World host families provide Wi-Fi and you will be given the network login details when you arrive.


washing machine

Your host family will do a reasonable amount of laundry if you are staying with them for a half term break or during one of the longer school holidays. If you are just staying for a weekend, laundry will not be provided.

Bedding will be changed once per week and your hosts will provide you with enough blankets/duvets to keep you nice and warm. If you have made something dirty or are not warm enough then tell your host family.

if you feel unwell during your stay

sick student

general illness

If you do not feel well, you should tell your host family immediately. They can then contact the Bright World office and we can arrange for the family to give you some medicine or, if necessary, make an appointment for you with their local doctor.


If you are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, you should report this immediately. Your family will continue to take care of you during your illness and ensure that you receive the proper medical attention.

accidental damage

broken cup

Accidents do happen. If you damage any property at the house then please tell the host family and apologise. There is no need to feel anxious, your host family will be very understanding.

Any deliberate damage however will be reported to your parents, who may be liable to pay for the damage.

host family cancellations

cancellation policy

It is worth remembering that cancelling your host family can incur cancellation fees payable by your parents. Please try and give us at least 3 weeks' notice if you change your plans.

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