Bright World is proud to present our new website

Bright World - brighter future - our fresh new look

Lana and James Foster

Today at Bright World we unveil our brand new logo, website and all new Digital Information Centre.

"We are very excited to be launching our new and fresh look today. I hope the re brand will serve its purpose of showing our clients that we can maintain our core values and service standards whilst innovating and staying relevant in this ever-changing world."

Lana Foster, Bright World Managing Director & AEGIS Trustee

our new logo - same journey, different experience

New Bright World Logo

As we enter our 20th year of operation, what once looked fresh and relevant no longer did. Our logo depicts a student's educational journey around the globe. The new logo presents the same journey but the experience is modern, slick and forward thinking – just like our programmes.  

Our new logo has been designed to present a fresh and contemporary view of a student's global education journey and we couldn't be happier with the results with the new icons bringing us up to date in a very modern world.

our new website

New Bright World Website

As well as a sparkling new logo, we have a brand new internationally optimised website that is designed to help our clients navigate easily and clearly through the otherwise complex and confusing maze of guardianship and boarding school placements. still exists but is now UK-focused for our Host Family network.  

The journey a Bright World student takes when they choose to embark on their education at boarding school hasn’t changed but we've made it easier with our new clean and crisp international website.

our Digital Information Centre & Skypod

Bright World Digital Information Centre

We are proud to introduce Bright World's Digital Information Centre which starts us on a paperless future to help reduce our carbon footprint.

With a keen interest in minimising the effect we, as an organisation have on the environment, we have decided to open a Digital Information Centre where our clients will be able to view downloadable leaflets, policies and handbooks.

The Bright World Skypod will also help to shape our brighter future; the new facility allowing less travel, as we aim to reach our partner agents and parents via Skype in our all new pod.

your guardianship journey starts here...

thank you to...

thank you from Bright World

We would like to thank the following people and companies without whom we couldn't have done it:

James Home of Wecraft who created our new website.

Christina Xu of China Marketing Corp and Natalia Witczyk, SEO Manager at Novicell who help us with our international SEO and marketing.

Rebecca Downie of Rebecca Downie Photography who produced the lovely images of our staff and students.

Richard Ellis of who designed our new logo and icons.