Bright World guardianship programmes for LVS Ascot students

LVS Ascot and Bright World Guardianships

LVS Ascot is strongly committed to ensuring the safety of all their students. When parents are not permanent residents in the UK, LVS Ascot requires them to appoint a reliable UK-based guardian and to use a professional guardianship agency that is accredited to Gold Standard by AEGIS.

LVS Ascot understands that families have different needs and preferences that they look for in an education guardian. To assist parents with choosing an appropriate guardian, LVS Ascot has entered into a strategic partnership with Bright World Guardianships.

LVS Ascot parents can now benefit from the choice of two programmes to suit their needs, catering to both those who have accommodation support systems in place, perhaps with friends or family living in the UK, and those who need more comprehensive services.

Both options ensure that all safeguarding standards are met, reflecting LVS Ascot's commitment to the well-being of their students.

option 1 - Essential Guardianship - family, friends, fly home

Where parents do not require host family accommodation during the holiday times, then they can opt for a specially discounted Essential Guardianship Package.

This suits parents of students who intend for their child to travel back home during every holiday and have a family member or friend in the UK who will provide accommodaton during the holidays. Where they stay with a family friend, Bright World will liaise with that friend and conduct ID checks and verification of arrangements in accordance with safeguarding requirements. This information will be shared with LVS Ascot every holiday. Bright World can assist with travel to and from the host family should this be required and will also be available at short notice, should the family/friend arrangement fail and an alternative host family is required either before or during the holiday period. Travel and emergency host family fees will be charged on a 'pay as you go' basis.

If at any point you wish to change your mind and start to use our host family service we can upgrade your programme to Full Guardianship but will need the supplementary payment of fees to be settled and any expenses fund lodgement made prior to those arrangements being confirmed.

option 2 - Full Guardianship - host family required

This is our standard guardianship service and includes everything that the Essential package offers with the addition of pro-actively allocating a host family for holidays as required.

guardianship fees

Essential - Family, Friend, Fly Home

£660 per term inc VAT plus £200/£500 expenses fund (depending on travel services required)

  • Guardianship Care Manager assistance.

  • Regular check-ins and support from a local Bright World Buddy

  • Emergency assistance 24/7

  • 2 in-person visits per year followed by reports

  • Verification of family/friend holiday arrangements

  • Travel services as required

Full - host family required

£795 per term inc VAT plus £500 expenses fund

  • Guardianship Care Manager assistance.

  • Regular check-ins and support from a local Bright World Buddy

  • Emergency assistance 24/7

  • 2 in-person visits per year followed by reports

  • Provision of a fully screened host family for holidays

  • Travel services as required

Extra Costs

Host family accommodation and travel services

  • Host Family accommodation £60/day

  • Host family/Bright World Buddy mileage 55p/mile (all visits)

  • Emergency host family for removal from school for serious illness (including Mental Health issues) £240 plus £70/day host family stay

  • Taxi Transfers charged at cost plus £5 administration charge per journey

  • Airport Chaperone Service - individual quotation provided

Extra visits, emergency and language services

  • Parents’ Evening £80 plus mileage in person, £40 online

  • Out of Hours attendance/Emergency Chaperone service £45/hour

  • Language Counselling Service/yr Mandarin - £300

  • Language Counselling Service/yr Russian £200

  • Bright World Representative mileage 55p per mile

our team dedicated to our LVS Ascot guardianship students

Simon King

Simon King

Senior Guardianship & Operations Manager

Simon is a long standing member of the Bright World team. Simon will be overseeing our strategic partnership with LVS Ascot.

Maria Novais

Maria Novais

Guardianship Care Manager

Maria will be responsible for all guardianship administration relating to your guardianship programme and is based at our Head Office.

Cheerful Chow

Close to your school

Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy

Once you have enrolled, you will receive a profile of Our Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy, Cheerful Chow. They will visit your child on your behalf and stay in touch throughout your guardianship programme.

more about Bright World Guardianships

The Bright World Guardianships Team

A trustworthy service from an experienced team of professionals 

Bright World was established in 2000 and has been dedicated to offering UK guardianship to international students ever since. Our staff are all expertly trained in Child Protection and Customer Service to create the optimum service for parents and to provide the support and mentoring that young children studying in the UK require.

Accredited to Gold Standard by AEGIS

Bright World has been accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education & Guardianship of International Students, since 2006. Bright World is a gold standard member, offering guardianship at the highest standard possible in the UK.

Multi award-winning guardianship since 2000

In 2021, 2022, 2023 and again in 2024, we were named winners in the Guardianship Organisation category at the prestigious Study Travel Secondary awards. This award is won through the independent vote of schools across the UK, agents and suppliers who nominate their preferred Guardianship service.

Impressive cloud-based portal and Student App

The online portal was designed to meet the needs of overseas parents and students and includes a unique Host Family Selection tool. Our Student App is available to download and contains all the information a student will need to guide them through their guardianship programme.

Well considered, safe host family accommodation

Bright World can offer safe and secure host family accommodation during both planned and unexpected events. Find more about our host families below.