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our guardianship services

Bright World offers guardianship at boarding schools across the UK. We have a Local Coordinator who lives nearby and a dedicated Head Office member of staff dealing with parents and the school. We also have a network of host families within easy reach of the school. Taxi drivers, fully screened by us, will be available for airport transfers and other travel within the UK as part of our service.

Bright World Guardianship Team

Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy

Close to your school

Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy

Once you have enrolled, you will receive a profile of Our Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy. They will visit your child and attend parents' evenings on your behalf and stay in touch throughout your guardianship programme.

Your Guardianship Care Manager

Your Guardianship Care Manager

Dedicated main contact

When you submit your application form, you will hear back from your dedicated Guardianship Care Manager here at Head Office. From that moment, they will be your one-stop shop and will manage every aspect of your guardianship programme for you.

Your Local Host Family

Your Local Host Family

Our Host Family Selection Tool will allow you to browse our large database of carefully screened host families near Queen Ethelburga's College.

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World driver has been carefully screened and selected by us. You will receive Photo ID and contacts with your confirmations.

Apply for a place at Queen Ethelburga's College via our agency

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Queen Ethelburga's College welcomes boarders aged 6-18. Their campus is exceptional; with a range and quality of facilities few can equal. Computing; Business and Media Centre with 56 Pentium multimedia computers, direct ISDN Internet access and laser printers. Business Studies Centre. Sixth Form common room with full air-conditioning. Sixth Form private study room seating forty students in a university library setting.

Bright World's placement service is FREE. If you would like more information on Queen Ethelberga's School for GCSE, A level or English preparation contact us now.


I have worked with Bright World for many years so am aware of what a well organised Guardianship company it was; but I'm still surprised at the breadth of info you share with families; host families and school. Well done to you all.
Sue Ginger; Head of Boarding; Queen Ethelburga's College

let us help you

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use our Host Family selection tool

  • Bright World understands that parents and students want to be involved in the selection of their host family.

  • Popular Features

  • search families by distance from your school
  • see details about the family (pets, children)
  • availability request function
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pre-academic consultation

  • An online form which gives us all the information we need to advise you on finding a place at this school.

  • Popular Features

  • submit your academic reports and details to us
  • online availability check
  • list your preferences so we can better advise you