guardianship in Yorkshire

Bright World guardianship in Yorkshire

Your Guardianship Care Manager

Your Guardianship Care Manager

Dedicated main contact

When you submit your application form, you will hear back from your dedicated Guardianship Care Manager here at Head Office. From that moment, they will be your one-stop shop and will manage every aspect of your guardianship programme for you.

Loreta Vilkyte

Loreta Vilkyte

Local Coordinator and Bright World Buddy for York

Close to your school, Loreta will visit your child and attend parents' evenings on your behalf

Your Local Host Family

Your Local Host family

Host family for exeats and half terms

Your Bright World host who will take care of your child during short holidays as a member of their family

Your Bright World Driver

Your Bright World driver

Your fully screened Bright World driver

Bright World works with drivers across the UK. You will receive a full colour profile when we confirm your journey

Bright World Guardianship services in Yorkshire for international students

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  • Trustworthy and reliable guardianship in the Yorkshire area
  • Accredited by AEGIS
  • Bright World Guardianship is offered by a select team of experienced and caring individuals.

When parents make the important decision to invest in an overseas education for their child to study in the UK, they are offering them a unique opportunity and a life changing experience.

It is vital, therefore, that the whole education experience is a positive one and as trouble free as possible. As well as school advice and placement, Bright World offers Guardianship services in Yorkshire with a select team of experienced and caring individuals.

Our Guardianship Programme is a service offered to UK boarding schools including the Yorkshire area.

why choose our guardianship services in Yorkshire?

  • A Bright World Guardian will ensure that all the needs of your child are met and offers parents peace of mind and security in the knowledge that there is always someone there to give a helping hand.
  • Our UK Guardianship programme offers a total care package from day one of a student’s stay in the UK and throughout their study period.
  • An important part of our job is to find a Yorkshire host family for your child during holiday times when they have to leave school. Our host families are all very carefully chosen, regularly visited and police checked.

what does our guardianship service in Yorkshire include?

  • Assistance with application to school or college and the care and support of our Head Office Team
  • Safe transfer of student to and from airport with a Bright World driver
  • Safe arrival notification and arrival report to parents including initial academic and welfare information
  • 24 hour emergency telephone assistance
  • Two visits per year from your Bright World Buddy followed by a full academic and welfare report
  • Assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements for visiting parents
  • Ongoing day to day liaison between the school, the student and the parents
  • The provision of an excellent, hand-picked, host family fully checked out by the discerning Bright Word Team

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"Thank you for all of your support throughout the process of getting a decent school for Dick. Myself and Dick's parents are so grateful for your support. It was a long journey and at many times I thought it was over, but I'm glad we have done it, and honestly it would have been far more difficult without your support and patience."
Jack Kamanzi