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Relax & Revise in Cambridge

Cambridge University Sightseeing

One of our roles as a UK guardianship organisation is to take care of our students during their half term and Easter holidays. Often students choose not to make the long journey home during these times. Historically the only option for students is to stay with a British host family. Bright World recognises that not all students want to do this, preferring to stay in a more relaxed environment with other students and their friends. They also appreciate the organised activities and excursions that are on offer on the Bright World Relax and Revise programme.

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Cambridge University residence

Bright World has selected more than 30 top UK summer courses for students aged between 10 and 18 years old. The centres and operators have been chosen for their excellent reputation and for their amazing locations. Students choosing a Bright World selected summer school will have the choice of studying in some of the UK's most famous cities. Imagine being able to follow a UK boarding school preparation programme in a top UK boarding school or a UK university preparation course at Cambridge University itself. The opportunities are boundless for students choosing one our selected programmes.

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  • Bright World has carefully selected a range of summer school programmes that are run at top UK boarding schools by experienced and professional operators.

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  • Half term and Easter residential programme in Cambridge.

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