Bright World Covid-19 support plan

our pledge to keep our students safe throughout the academic year

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We are pleased that having been working closely with our partner schools since March 2020 and whilst the UK is now learning to live with COVID, Bright World continues to work with schools to support students who may need to isolate.

In cooperation with our partner schools, agents and parents we have therefore formulated the following enhanced service plan.

Students who need to isolate with COVID-19

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Whilst at school

We are liaising with schools to ensure that they will be isolating children who present with symptoms whilst in the boarding house. If a school has a situation whereby they cannot provide facilities to isolate a student and offer them care then Bright World will step in. This could include moving students ‘mid isolation’ if the period coincides with the end of term and the school is closing.

Our COVID-19 Isolation Care Plan

Bright World has been working closely with our professional host family network and now have a selection of fully risk-assessed host families to provide safe and secure isolation facilities.

Whilst in a Bright World host family  

If a child presents with symptoms while in a host family, then the host family will take full care of the student for the full period of their isolation and will arrange for appropriate medical assistance.

testing - helping students to get home   

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Students flying home are required by some destination countries to have a COVID-19 test before they leave the UK. Bright World can help.

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Bright World is a proud member of the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard. The scheme ensures that businesses adhere to local public health guidance and has carried out a full Covid-19 risk assessment, to ensure that all required policies and processes are in place.

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