Coronavirus - the guardianship week that was - 14th April - 17th April 2020

Government updates

governmnent coronavirus advice

Bright World staff returned to work (at home) on Tuesday feeling rested and recuperated, following the Easter bank holiday weekend. It had been a busy month full of twists and turns, but it was nice to be able to relax for a few days in the knowledge that all students were either safely at home, or remaining in the UK at their school or host family.

Over the weekend we were pleased to be informed that Boris Johnson had recovered from coronavirus, and would soon be returning to fulfil his Government duties. This of course included his daily addresses to the nation, but he was not yet well enough to deliver the highly-anticipated update on Thursday, which was instead presented by Dominic Raab. It was here announced that the United Kingdom's lockdown was to be extended by at least a further three weeks. This meant that it would still be a while before schools could open again.

keeping in touch

video call

Guardianship Care Managers continued to send out their personal emails and video messages to each of their students, and Local Coordinators continued to get in touch with them also. The reaction from both parents and students was still hugely positive. It's been so comforting to know that the contact we have been making has been so well-received and appreciated by so many. It has made it all very worthwhile.

Our Local Coordinators have been getting in touch with their students via Facetime/Skype, to make sure they are safe and healthy, and check that they have all the resources they need from school. Following this, they have then been sending feedback reports to their parents. This normal-style approach to meetings seems to provide a welcomed sense of reality for our students and their parents. So far, the general consensus amongst students has been that, although they are enjoying being at home with their families, they can't wait to return to school again.

Antoaneta Dineva, mother of guardianship student, Dimitar

Many thanks for your mail and the provided motivational support during these difficult times. I hope to stay in touch. Stay safe and healthy.
Antoaneta Dineva, mother of guardianship student, Dimitar

host family favours

Student painting fence

Meanwhile, we've been hearing that some students who have remained in the UK have been having a lovely time with their host family, and have been taking part in all kinds of family activities. This is particularly the case for one of our Uzbek students, Bekhruz. With barbershops and hairdressers being closed during lockdown, Bekhruz, like many of us, was in desperate need of a haircut. He decided to ask his host, Jeanette, if she would mind doing it, and she was happy to oblige. In return, Bekhruz insisted on helping Jeanette to paint her garden fence. You can see him happily painting in the image to the left. It's always nice to see our families and students getting on so well, and even more so in the current circumstances.