Coronavirus – why guardians have never been more needed

Student and counsellor

As guardians it is our job to keep our students safe during the school holidays but with the coronavirus outbreak restricting student travel home, we have never been more needed and here’s why.

Whilst last-minute changes to plans are to be expected, nothing could have prepared us all for the biggest test of our careers – Covid-19. A situation which has highlighted the sheer necessity of AEGIS Guardianship.

Blackboard closed

Last week, the UK Government announced the closure of Schools across the country and along with the news a domino effect followed suit. With schools closing by the hour and the uncertainty of how and if students could make it back to their own countries, we just don’t know where our international boarders would be without the utmost support provided by AEGIS member organisations.

It is all still going on as we speak and the Bright World Guardianships team is working tirelessly and round the clock to get them home, to their host family, or to our residential provision at Cambridge Melchior College.

Cancelled flights

Collaborations with schools have been reassuring and productive for the Guardianship sector. We have been so pleased with some of the messages received from schools across the country.

"I must say that I have been very impressed by the systems in place at Bright World. With all the concerns about Coronavirus, it is good to know that our pupils are supported by a reliable and organised agency such as Bright World.” A happy houseparent.

Some of our students have sadly been turned away from their flights, due to restrictions from their home countries prohibiting their journeys. Where students are unable to travel, parents can rest assured that Bright World Guardianships will look after them and keep them safe. Our families are well briefed with the AEGIS Host Family coronavirus contingency plan which sits in line with Public Health England guidance for self-isolation.

Finally a word from Bright World Directors, Lana and James Foster

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