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Since February 2020, we have all been living through the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a stressful time for everyone and there have been numerous emergency situations where Bright World has stepped to fix the problem. We thought we would put these case studies together as a reminder of some of the situations we have handled where, were it not for the support of a good, professional guardianship company, we wonder what the outcome would have been.

case study 1: it was touch and go but we made it happen

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The parents of a 10 year old called us in a panic at 9am on a Saturday in July. Korean Air had just informed them that the PCR test requirements had changed. He needed another test or he couldn’t travel. His flight was leaving at 5pm! The Bright World team acted quickly, got the boy to the airport early, arranged for a 3 hour turnaround test and he made his flight home for the summer. Our Duty Manager remained in touch until the driver, who stayed with him throughout, had waved goodbye at passport control - all checked in and ready to go home. Phew, what a relief.

case study 2: 100% reliance on Bright World

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The route home to China for the summer holidays was long and difficult with no direct flights. Airlines were not allowing 12 year olds to make this journey without an adult and did not offer an Unaccompanied Minor service. The students mother gave up hope of seeing her son for the summer holidays. A heartbreaking situation. The school was closing soon, but the students mother knew she could rely 100% on Bright World to help out. We found a warm and caring host family where the student stayed all summer before returning to school in September. While not the same as spending time the holidays at home with his mum, he was well looked after and had a great time.

case study 3: homesickness help

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After arriving in the UK for the start of the autumn term, one of our younger students began to feel very homesick. This is very common for new students during their first term at a new school. The Guardianship Care Team worked closely with the school to support the student. His Bright World Buddy visited him to help reassure him, and also met the boarding staff to discuss our care plan, which included a visit to his Host Family. This allowed him to get to know the family and see where he would be spending his exeats and half terms.

case study 4: words from the desk of our partner agent

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“Our student was in a Scottish school that suddenly closed during the Covid-19 outbreak. He could neither stay at the school nor return to China. His parents were very concerned and bewildered at that time. It was Bright World that helped him to find a suitable homestay to get through the hard times and to keep in touch with his parents. Even when he decided to transfer to another school and move to live with his friend in London, the staff of Bright World still maintained a professional demeanor throughout and gave him the necessary advice and patient support."

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Covid case studies Bright World

For more information, and to read more of our case studies, please read our Covid Case Studies booklet

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