spring back to school in January

readjusting to boarding after the winter break

settling back into the academic year

January marks a significant transition for students at Bright World as they settle back into the academic rhythm after the winter holiday break. This year, the weather has added an extra layer of challenge. Following a relatively mild December, January has surprised us so far with a blanket of snow in its first week.

For many students, the cold weather in January and February requires extra preparation. Wrapping up warm becomes not just a comfort but a necessity. The icy paths and chilly mornings remind us of the season's harshness and can provide a new experience for those from warmer climates. Despite these obstacles, there's a noticeable resilience among our international students who are so adaptable. They just wrap up warm in their cosy boarding houses and even seem to enjoy the change in the weather.

familiarity makes things much easier

Cory Holden with a new student

Unless they are embarking on their academic studies in January, a great positive of returning to school in January is the familiarity of the environment. Having completed at least one term, students are no longer navigating the newness of school life. The corridors, classrooms, and routines that may once have seemed daunting are now familiar territory. This familiarity breeds confidence and eases the transition back into academic life.

Returning to school after the winter break, students often find themselves missing their families. The holidays were a special time, filled with family moments and a break from school life. Yet, alongside these feelings, there's a growing sense of excitement about seeing their school friends, houseparents, and teachers again. The students look forward to catching up with peers, getting back into the school routine, and continuing their learning journey. This mix of feelings – missing home while being eager to return to school – is a common experience, reflecting the students' ability to adapt to the shifting environments of boarding school life.

They will be also be more familiar with their Bright World Buddy, our Local Coordinator who will get in touch to welcome them back for the Spring term. This is all part of our student guardianship services that offer international students support in the UK. They will feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they have their Buddy's phone number and email address safely logged in their phone and be famiilar with how to get in touch for support or just a chat.

a home from home awaits our students at half term

child on floor with dog

An integral part of the Bright World experience is the time spent with host families during half-term breaks. For many students, the anxiety of staying with a host family for the first time has dissipated by January. They fondly remember their October half-term or Autumn Term exeat experiences and look forward to reuniting with their 'home away from home' hosts. This anticipation adds a layer of excitement to the term and helps mitigate the January blues.

The prospect of an upcoming exeat or half term stay for international students – a short break from boarding life – offers a refreshing change of scene. These breaks provide a much-needed respite from the rigorous school schedule and a chance to recharge.

spring forward into Easter holidays

school in early evening with blossom on trees

As we move through the term, the signs of spring start to emerge. By March, the once barren trees begin to blossom, and the first spring flowers make their appearance, adding splashes of color to the school grounds. The longer days, courtesy of the clocks moving forward, bring lighter evenings, infusing a sense of renewal and optimism across the campus.

As Easter approaches, the warmer weather and brighter days serve as a reminder of the cyclical nature of the academic year. It's a time of growth and renewal, both in nature and within our students. The challenges of settling back in January are soon overshadowed by the anticipation of spring and all the new opportunities it brings. At Bright World, we witness the remarkable adaptability and resilience of our students as they spring back into the academic year, ready to embrace each new phase with enthusiasm and determination.

The Autumn term is always the toughest for our guardianship students as they have so many new experiences and so much to learn. By the January term start, we are pleased that they come back from their winter break refreshed and with a sense of excitement for the start of the year. As long as they bring lots of warm clothes with them they usually even love the cold weather.
Lana and Zoe
Lana Foster, Managing Director