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short-term study and immersion at a UK boarding school

Although interest in a UK boarding school education continues to rise year on year, not all students are academically or emotionally ready for the rigours of an overseas education. Many schools are now offering flexible, high quality, short term options for students, which allow them to dip their toes into a UK school and find out if they are ready to take the plunge.

get a taster or immerse yourself

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Particularly aimed at students that have not studied overseas before, a taster or immersion programme can be as short as one week and usually includes full boarding at the school in question. Students are normally accompanied to the UK by their parents, who stay in the local area. This provides added reassurance, while still giving them the opportunity to experience boarding life, taster lessons and make new friendships, all the while practising their English language skills and learning about British culture.

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St Joseph's College

St Joseph's College

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king's rochester

King's Rochester

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padworth college

Padworth College

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one term or two, it's up to you

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More boarding high schools and colleges are now offering one or two term placements. This especially benefits European students that plan to continue their studies in their home country, but also want to experience a different education system and improve their English level.

Students follow the normal UK curriculum for their age group, joining regular classes and benefiting from extra English support. This is particularly popular with Spanish students, as convalidation is very straightforward.

where can you enrol for April?

beechwood sacred heart

Beechwood School

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rossall school

Rossall School

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box hill school

Box Hill School

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pre-sessional and academic preparation courses

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When a student receives an offer to study GCSEs or A levels in the UK, this may be conditional, dependent on them first attending a pre-sessional or academic preparation course, before the academic year commences.

There are many boarding schools and education providers offering pre-sessional courses for both GCSE and A level entry points, which makes them suitable for students aged 14 plus.

where can you enrol for April?

bishopstrow college

Bishopstrow College

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