Quarantine and Settling-In Programme off to a good start

we planned ahead and it paid off

Cambridge Melchior College

We started planning our Quarantine and Settling In Programme with our colleagues at Cambridge Melchior College way back in April. We were all in lockdown and unclear as to whether quarantine restrictions would still be in place in August and September. It was a case of preparing 'just in case we need it.'

Set in the heart of Willingham near to the city of Cambridge, the College's spacious, ensuite rooms offered a homely, welcoming environment offered the ideal solution. Little did we know that we would fill up the centre for the whole of August. We are now also filling up the spaces for September as well as students start to book their flights to arrive slightly later into the term.

We are pleased to say that all the hard work preparing for the programme paid off and we are so pleased to be able to help our students and their parents with a pleasant and safe soft-landing in the UK.

calm, peaceful and enjoyable

Student playing swingball

All students have their own bedroom with en-suite bathroom at the College which has been an important part of the programme. It is the perfect way to give students space, privacy and above all safety. Hygiene is much more easily maintained with students having their own facilities.

Due to the large spaces at the college they are not confined to their rooms all day at all. They have the opportunity of using one of the two TV lounges, large classrooms and large garden. This way students can interact whilst maintaining a social distance of at least two metres at all times.

online study

Girl having zoom meeting on laptop

Several of our students have online classes to attend as they arrive late and the term is starting. The college has excellent Wi-Fi so they can easily undertake this important study in the privacy of their own room.

the garden offers space and fresh air

student playing garden darts

What has been the best part of the facility for a lot of the students so far is the garden. The perimeter of the gardens is about 400 metres so for students who want to do some exercise, this is the ideal place for a running track.

The staff team at Cambridge Melchior College have been very inventive in organising socially distanced games for the students. Garden darts and Swing ball have proved very popular.

the vegetable plot


The college is proud of its thriving vegetable garden and students on the quarantine programme have enjoyed helping to tend to the vegetables, picking them and eating them as a well deserved treat. For one young boy on the programme, he is fascinated by the whole thing and loves eating the fresh crops he has picked during lunch and his evening meal.

Bright Snax - and takeaway night!

snack shop

We realise that usually students at Cambridge Melchior College would be able to pop out to the local shops to buy all important snacks and drinks. Students are not allowed off the premises for the 14 day period, so Bright World has brought the snack shop to them!

Bright Snax are available to them throughout the day and EVERYTHING IS FREE! We asked the CMC team to buy a range of healthy snacks and sweets, soft drinks and cakes. So far it seems that the less healthy snacks are going well and the healthy options are less popular...

Also, we have decided to break the weeks up a bit and treat students to a weekly takeaway night. The first week, students enjoyed a meal from the local Chinese restaurant and this week they will have the choice of another meal. We hope they enjoy it.

a soft landing and a safe journey back to school

playing swingball in the garden

The atmosphere at Cambridge Melchior College is calm and easy-going. Principal, Michael Voice and his great staff team who are doing all they can to make students feel welcome, settle back into life in the UK and get ready for a busy start of term back at their boarding school. We are ensuring that everyone stays healthy and are taking temperatures twice each day. All students will be returned to their boarding school with a clean bill of health and well rested. We wish all our students a great and safe start to the Autumn 2020 start of term.

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