Easter holidays 2021 - get ready to go back to the classroom

schools are opening again!

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It is official! On Monday, 22nd February, as promised, Boris Johnson has given schools the 14 day notice that they can re-open on Monday, 8th March. Now we are busy planning for students to come back. This means many will need to stay over the Easter holidays so we are putting something special on for our students remaining in the UK.

what we have got planned for Easter 2021?

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For those students who have remained in the UK during lockdown, either with host families or at school, as Easter approaches, Bright World is planning a great Easter holiday course.

Some schools will remain open at Easter while others will close as usual for three weeks. Either way, students are ready for a change of scene and Bright World has just the thing to help and to help get students ready to go back to the classroom.

Relax & Revise @ Easter at Cambridge Melchior College

Cambridge Melchior College

We open our doors again to students who would prefer a residential option for the Easter holidays on 19th March and run right through until the end of April.

The Relax & Revise programme is not l like standard Easter revision courses, where subjects are taught and the programme is full and intensive. At Cambridge Melchior College we always run our Relax & Revise programme for students who need a pleasant space to do their own self-study.

This year, with so many having been studying online either in their home country, at a host family or in school, we are putting on something different to help students to prepare for a return to ‘normal’ at school.

‘let’s get ready’ Workshops

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Restrictions on going out and about are still in place in the UK and although we hope there may be some relaxation on outdoor activities allowed such as picnics, it is likely that our Easter programme will take place almost entirely at the centre itself.

For this reason, combined with the fact that students have been online learning and may be out of practise of learning in the classroom, we have designed some workshops that are aimed to help unblock any study skills gaps and get students thinking and get them ready for the classroom.

Online Workshops also available

Many of our students are in host families and have been since before Christmas or since schools closed in early January. Others are staying with family friends. We must remember, of course, our students who are overseas and at home with parents.

For these students, Cambridge Melchior College will also be running our workshops online at times that suit any overseas candidates and to fit in with host family routines and school online provision. We will be inviting all our students to join in soon.


what workshops are on offer?

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critical thinking workshops

Critical thinking is a key skill that should be applied to all aspects of study. Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. In this workshop, students will be encouraged to build on their collaborative capacity. They will also be asked to form and justify viewpoints. 

study skills

This workshop will offer help with spelling, grammar, essay writing, planning, organisation and will offer students a reminder of how to study, learn and revise effectively.

personal statement writing

With university applications very much on our minds at this time of year, this workshop will prove very useful to all students who plan to apply to university. The personal statement is the student’s opportunity to “sell” themselves in the application process and it is important to get it right. This workshop will go through some personal statement ideas, and the do’s and don’ts of personal statement writing.

presentation skills workshop

On our presentation skills workshop, students will be encouraged to develop the ability to speak to the group with confidence. We will aim to help students to overcome any nerves they may have about speaking in front of others. We will teach them presentation skills such as presenting online and engaging an audience using a variety of physical and verbal techniques. 

activities galore - take your pick

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Mornings are reserved for relaxing and revising at Cambridge Melchior College. In the afternoons, when there are no workshops, the CMC team have put together a great choice of activities to keep students busy and stimulated and off their devices just for an hour or so!

Afternoons in college

Easter egg making and decorating, no cook cooking, nail art, henna art, t-shirt design.

Afternoons in the garden

Garden games, rounders, garden darts and Easter Egg hunt. Students can use the large gardens for their own exercise.

Evenings in college

Quiz nights, barbecue evenings, movie evenings, online Yoga sessions.

listen to our podcast

Bright Sounds, Bright World Podcast

Listen to our podcast with Michael Voice, Principal of Cambridge Melchior College as he chats with Lana Foster about what is planned for the Easter break.

quarantine - we are still here to help


Bright World can offer quarantine from now on for any student making their way back to the UK before Easter or who need to quarantine during the Easter holidays before they return to school.

Whilst quarantining with Bright World, students benefit from comfortable and high-quality residential accommodation at Cambridge Melchior College or in specially selected and risk-assessed host families.

more information

Bright World Relax & Revise @ Easter

Relax & Revise @ Easter

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Find out more about Bright World Guardianships programme

  • Please also get in touch with us if you are are a parent who needs assistance with guardianship or quarantine accommodation and you are not yet registered with Bright World.