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Comparing guardianship information

Low cost Emergency service only options offered by some organisations can, at first glance, be quite attractive to overseas parents. If they were initially unprepared for the additional cost which guardianship brings we can understand why a cheaper option would be tempting. Parents who live close to the UK can simply call on their Guardian when they actually need them. They think that this is enough. Maybe this is because they haven't thought about all of the things that can happen during an academic year. They don't know all of the times a guardian may be required.

from James Foster, our Commercial Director

for Bright World every child matters and all deserve the best

Lana Foster and a Bright World student

Bright World Guardianships' Senior Management team has conducted careful feasibility studies around the concept of offering a cheaper package.

The company decision is that a premium service is what we aim to offer for ALL our students. We cannot justify to ourselves some students being on a 'lower level' than others. We consider all our students to be deserving of a complete programme of services covered by our competitive service fee.

emergency guardianship

An emergency-only approach, although seemingly 'ticking the guardianship box', offers care on an 'as and when' needed basis only. The Bright World guardian service takes a more pro-active approach. We think this is vital when it comes to safeguarding overseas students studying in the uk.

Just some examples of our pro-active approach include:

  • Settling in visits from our Local Coordinator with reports back to parents and liaison with school on any teething issues.
  • After students have stayed with a Bright World host family we meet with them and conduct a Care Plan. These reports offer overseas parents a valuable insight into their child's well being. They also crucially allow students to air any concerns.
  • Easy online student and host family feedback forms carefully monitored after each host family stay
  • Attendance at Parents' evenings offering students a vital independent mentor to support them in their academic feedback sessions

one fee, one level (with built in flexibility)

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Our termly service fee of £620 including VAT is competitive and reasonably-priced. We then offer a variable refundable deposit according to parents' needs in terms of host family accommodation and travel which are optional extras. This allows financial flexibility for parents whilst allowing us to remain robust when it comes to safeguarding our students

We are confident that parents who may not predict that they need the support of a guardian will be happy they chose Bright World if they do need to call on us.