why study in England?

studying in England

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The UK offers international students a unique academic and cultural experience that young people from all over the world can benefit from. Our standard of education is world-class and we have hundreds of excellent boarding schools offering a fully-rounded experience.

On completion of A level or IB study, students can join one of our world-recognised universities and gain a degree to help them prepare for working life. Study in England and a British Degree sets you apart from the competition in the job market, no matter what country you are applying in.

Often noted by overseas scholars is our innovative approach to teaching. Teaching in the UK puts emphasis on the development of independent study skills. Debate and argument are an integral part of our lessons and lectures which a lot of overseas students find unusual but very stimulating and interesting.

For those coming to study English in the UK enjoy the benefits that come with studying in the home of this international language.

The UK has been the number 1 option for some of the most important minds in history. One in four world leaders has studied in the UK, so if you’re dreaming of achieving big things, you can be sure you’re in the right place in the UK.

the benefits of studying in England

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With the choice of high standard and globally renowned schools, colleges and universities, studying in the UK really does prepare students to succeed in their career. Students can expect a higher standard of education in institutions that consistently rank among the best in the world.

Living in the UK whilst studying, offers students the opportunity of living in an historic city or a traditional country town or village. Students have the opportunity of experiencing cultural diversity, both in the cities and towns and within the institutions themselves. They will get to mix with other students from around the world with different backgrounds.

The new Graduate Route offers students post-study work opportunities.

In short, studying in the UK offers students an incredible, unforgettable experience where they can have fun, learn new things and make friends and business contacts for life.

types of qualifications

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Students joining a school in the UK will follow our traditional system of GCSE followed by access to a UK university via A levels or IB. Some students will take the vocational route to university or study for Diploma programmes instead.

Our undergraduate programmes are usually just 3 years and our Postgraduate programmes are 1 year in length.

Students joining a school or university, whose first language is not English, will need a certain level of English to be accepted. Schools use either their own bespoke entry test or a centralised testing system called UKISET. Universities rely on IELTS examination scores. English entry tests can be taken in country at designated UKISET and IELTS testing centre.

language study

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Students may also opt to come to England to study English. English language schools provide year-round English courses for various levels and of various lengths.

Many students join summer English programmes in July and August that combine language and subject training with activities, sports and cultural excursions.


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For under-18s coming to study in a UK boarding school or university whose parents are not resident in the UK, a guardian is required. A guardian is an organisation such as Bright World Guardianships or a responsible adult who is nominated to act in Loco Parentis in an emergency situation and to take care of younger students during holiday times.

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