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a shining success

In our recent series of articles, we have highlighted the importance of finding the right host family for every student, and the emphasis we place on student wellbeing and thorough vetting of host families. We have also looked at what happens during the holidays, when a student is staying with their host family. Here, we shine a spotlight on a perfect host family match up from the most recent exeat.

Lisa & Patrick McGowan

Lisa mcgowan

Lisa McGowan has been the Local Coordinator & Bright World Buddy for Cheltenham & Gloucester since 2019. She lives with her husband, Patrick, and son, Ryan, in a lovely home in Cheltenham.

Starting in 2020, Lisa and her family have also hosted several of our students; providing warm and comfortable accommodation and a home away from home for students during their exeat weekends and half term holidays.

a birthday celebration

Elsa with her birthday cake

Elsa, a student at Cheltenham Ladies College, joined the Bright World guardianship programme this year and spent her first exeat with Lisa. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay and quickly made friends with fellow Bright World students who were also spending the weekend with Lisa's family.

On learning that Elsa's birthday would fall during the exeat, Lisa organised a party for her, to make it a birthday to remember. Isabel, Anantaraa and Thee pitched in, to bake a cake for Elsa so that they could celebrate with her. The girls had a great time.

a comment from Isabel's mother

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