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If you are still hoping to join a UK boarding school or college, there is no time like the present to start an application. There are several options available for students that have not yet applied and we can help you to find your perfect course.

Below you will find information on some of the course options available for you to join in January and the details of some of our partner schools that are happy to consider late applications.


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The main difference between GCSEs and I/GCES is, as the name implies, that I/GCSEs are aimed at international students, who's native tongue is not English. They normally involve less coursework and there are differences in the subjects that are available.

While most students follow the standard 2 year GCSE programme starting in September, some schools will accept students in January and even April. Students will usually join an intensive two term programme before progressing onto the one year I/GCSE.

where can I enrol for January?

Box Hill students

Box Hill School

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Rossall School photo

Rossall School

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d'Overbroeck's College

d'Overbroeck's College

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A levels

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The number of schools offering a condensed A level programme is on the rise in the UK. This gives students the flexibility of a later start date but still enables them to gain a place at some of the UK's top universities.

A five term A level can be an excellent option for students that have already started A levels elsewhere and want a fresh start or where the curriculum in their home country ends in November or December.

The first two terms of a five term programme usually offer an increased number of teaching hours, to enable students to catch up on material that their peers have covered in the autumn.

where can I enrol for January?

MPW Students

MPW Colleges - London/Cambridge/Birmingham

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Oxford Sixth Form College

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short term options and immersion programmes

Some international students, particularly those from countries within the EU, look for a short term study option. This can be as little as half a term or as much as one full academic year. There are an increasing number of schools that offer short term programmes. These typically last for at least one school term and applications are accepted for September, January and April.

Immersion programmes are designed specifically for international students and allow them to experience a taste of what boarding school life in the UK has to offer. There is also the option of joining a holiday immersion programme during the summer holidays.

If you are considering sending your child to boarding school in the UK, but are still unsure, this could be one option for you.

where can I find an immersion programme or study for one term?

Trinity school

Trinity School

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Durham school

Durham School

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Harrogate Ladies College

Harrogate Ladies College

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What courses start in April?


Many UK independent schools also offer entry in April. This is particularly popular with European students, looking for a taster experience before a full enrolment or short-term study to help improve their English level. You can find out more about the options available in the article linked here.

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