Bright World made us feel the warmth of a foreign land - an article by Mrs Wang

Mrs Wang shares her experiences

nobel and his mother

the virus is ruthless, but we have human love!

It was a sleepless night because Nobel's guardianship company moved us and made us feel the warmth of a foreign land.

In recent months, all the parents of international students have been discussing whether to send their children back to the UK, for the start of the school year in September. Many of them chose to keep their children in China at an international school.

However, Nobel firmly chose to return to England to continue his studies. He said that he missed school and dreamed about his friend Alex.

This time Nobel flew alone, as is now 12 years old. Bright World had arranged for Nobel to be collected on arrival and had the necessary papers a week earlier. Before and after Nobel boarded the plane, Bright World owner, Lana emailed repeatedly to make sure he was on safely board.

The plane landed on time in England, but Nobel had still not met his driver 3 hours later. Bright World called us to ask if Nobel had contact us. For an instant, our minds flashed out a myriad of dangerous scenes like those seen in the movies, and we were very worried. But the voice on the other end of the line was very calm and explained that they would try to call Nobel right away and that they would call back in a minute.

Thank God, the phone rang and Nobel was at UK immigration.

For a full minute, Bright World seemed to be on a timer, calling every second, knowing Nobel's location, and contacting him in person.

we are no longer worried

nobel stringball

It was after four o 'clock in the afternoon when Nobel arrived in Cambridge at Bright World's Quarantine programme. Lunchtime was long past and soon it would be supper time at six o 'clock.

But the Cambridge staff delivered a meal and Nobel ate it quickly. Soon after, supper followed at six o 'clock. On the phone, Nobel happily told us that he had eaten two delicious dinners!

Lana wrote another email, telling us about Nobel's arrival in The UK in great detail, so that we didn't have to worry, reading between the lines we felt full of warmth. We were no longer worried. In fact, Bright World has never made us worry about anything in recent years.

a castle and fortress where children feel safe and happy

Nobel with Cat

When we chose Bright World, Nobel was just over eight years old. He left home and his parents to study abroad. However, what impresses us most is that Bright World's service is very good, so meticulous, considerate, very caring for children, even a little doting. Because of this, Nobel lived happily in England and never wept over his homesickness. We often tell everyone that Bright World and Elstree School are the best guardian companies and elementary schools in the world. They were like Nobel's home in England, a castle and fortress where children felt safe and happy at the same time.

This is wonderful, and thank you for your kind words. I am immensely proud of what we have all have achieved to provide the students with a safe and soft landing before returning to their main schools.
Michael Voice, Principal, Cambridge Melchior College

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