welcome back to school

preparations for Spring term arrivals

Preparations are under way for the new 2022 school start and we are already welcoming back students back for the Spring term start. Guardianship Care Managers are fully versed on the new and ever changing entry requirements and testing rules which has allowed them to share news with parents promptly, to avoid travel disruption.

Bright World has been offering safe and risk assessed quarantine for students who need this service, supporting students in the taking of their travel tests on arrival and taking care of them in host family and residential accommodation.

We keep up to date with the travel rules and guidelines which are published on our UK Arrivals page.

supporting our students as they return to school

Guardianship Director with student

It is now time for students to return to school after the Christmas holidays and we recognise that some of our students may be feeling nervous about returning with case numbers remaining high across the UK and with the prospect of quarantining on arrival.

This is especially true for those starting their first term at boarding school here in the UK.

It is to be expected that parents and students may feel worried about the journey to the UK and so we are doing all we can to reassure parents that we are ready and here to help when their child arrives.

Arrival Care visits

girl on zoom

Last week, in preparation for the start of term and some early arrivals, our Guardianship Care Managers met with with our Bright World Local Coordinators (Bright World Buddies) to discuss each student individually, briefing them on plans for the year and the host families we have allocated based on their needs and requirements. These internal meetings are to prepare our Bright World Buddies for their welcome back and arrival induction meetings.

During the first week of school, our Bright World Buddies will arrange arrival zoom calls or in person visits at school, if allowed, with their students to ensure their students are settling in well at school.

These informal meetings offer students an opportunity to discuss how they are feeling about the new term ahead. Our team is fully trained in offering support to any students who may be worried or experiencing difficulties and a full written report will be made available to their parents. We are finding that most schools are happy for us to visit in person for this first term, which is so much better for all concerned.

planning ahead to relieve anxieties

smiley face with a tick

An important part of our role as educational guardians is to plan for the unexpected events that can happen during the school year. We know how effective planning can be to avoid stressful situations.

The benefits of future planning can, however, go much further than just helping us to feel organised. We like to talk to our students about the plans they have for the year ahead which, in turn, helps us to confirm our plans are correct. We know the positive impact this can have on their wellbeing and so our Bright World Buddies will spend time during their meetings with students showing their interest and helping students who may need support to ensure they have things to look forward to.

our 6-point Covid-19 safe plan

Covid support plan brochure

As we welcome our students back for the Spring term, we would like to remind for parents and students about our 6-point Covid-19 safe plan.

Our comprehensive guide introduces the additional levels of care we are offering pupils at this time to support them and help them to readjust to the school routine.

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